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Mitt Romney is a Corporation

Posted on: February 1, 2012

I was hiking with a colleague the other day when it hit me: Mitt Romney isn’t just the pro-Corporate candidate for President. Mitt Romney is a Corporation.

The singularity has arrived. Just not in the way that folks like Kurzweil and de Grey have been blathering about.

Instead of humans merging with technology, humans have now merged with Corporations. And Mitt Romney is Exhibit A of this unholy merger.

To understand this, consider former president George W. Bush. IMHO, that guy was the crown prince of the royal family of the military industrial complex (“MIC”) about which Eisenhower warned us in 1961.

George’s grandfather, Prescott Bush was a founder of the MIC during WWII. His son, George H.W., became King of the MIC. His first son, George W., was the crown prince.

These people were and are pro-Corporate. Particularly, pro oil-, military hardware-, finance-, and intelligence-Corporate (the key industries that make up the MIC).

But the key point here is that these are people. They’re unmistakably human. George was a former drunkard, C-student, moron. How many Corporations behave like that? No successful ones, that’s for sure.

But look at Romney.

Bland, devoid of human qualities. Romney’s opponents lob criticisms at him as if he were human. They paint him as a flip-flopper, a liberal, etc. etc. But nothing sticks to him. He’s Teflon Man in a way that Obama (the conflict-avoiding smoking addict) could never be.

No human criticisms stick to Romney because he’s not human! Consider:

  • the $10,000 bet he offered to Perry
  • his “Corporations are People” statement
  • his “I just followed the tax laws [that I helped write]” response to the release of his tax returns
  • his “they’re just jealous” assessment of OWS

What is a Corporation? It’s a value-free organism that lives and breathes money. Every issue of the day is viewed, by a Corporation, through the prism of money.

That’s Romney!

So it hit me that the election this Fall between Obama and Romney will be the next shoe to drop in the People vs. Corporations civil war. (OWS being the first.)

It will be the first election in recorded history pitting a human against an irresponsible anaerobic organism that feeds on money.

And as we sit here in February, the human just might lose.

3 Responses to "Mitt Romney is a Corporation"

You hit the nail on the head. Romney pays a 14% tax rate because of something called “carried interest” that involves investing other people’s money. In Canada, while not because of “carried interest”, the corporate tax rate in B.C. is similar at 13.5%. In essence, Romney is paying a “corporate tax rate”, instead of the 35%+ that other American’s with his level of income pay. He is Mr. Corporate America.

Interesting times. I wonder what the economy would be like in America if someone like him won the GOP then the presidency? Much better? For whom? I doubt for the lower middle class and the poor.

OT: The GOP debates have been contentious to say the least. How do the American people who vote Republican, go from watching the constant mud-slinging of their favourite candidate, to voting in a unified manner in opposition to the Democrats come election time? Seems odd to me.

I was chatting with some worldy older colleagues last night. Everybody understood that the U.S. presidential election is way more important to the rest of the world than it is to Americans.

Now, the election this Fall might have low turn-out. Obama has pissed off the Left (which might keep the youth at home on election day). Romney turns off the Right (which might keep the Tebow-types at home).

So we might have an election this Fall that most Americans don’t even care enough about to vote, but over which the attention of the world will be riveted.

That will be interesting.

Low voter turnout would be a shame.

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