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My name is Peter Savich. I started this blog at the end of 2003. The basic gist of it concerns my predictions of late 2004 that America was headed for a profound crisis that would challenge the nation’s very survival (ergo, Duck!).

The core reason behind these predictions of doom and gloom is captured in the tagline of this blog: “for the money has gone too far”. This means I believe that, generally speaking, in America of the early 21st century, the interests of money trump the needs of humanity. Where? Just about everywhere one cares to look.

In October of 2005, I migrated this blog to WordPress. As I write, it is July 2008, and I’m feeling pretty bullish about my predictions from 2004. In other words, I’m feeling nervous about the future of America. How about you?

Well, if you’re feeling nervous too, shall we Gather?

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I have read through your blog with interest. The severity of what is going on didn’t hit me until about four years ago, when I took the initial steps of reasearch, trying to figure it out and then to prepare. I’m still preparing and still trying to figure it out. I think we all are. I have read an extraordinary amount over these last few years for me.

I have read extensivly in the financial area. I think your generalization of corporations is wrong. I am an owner of a corporation and we are not the cause of any of what is going on. This is not to say that corporations arn’t responsible, they certainly are. It is not the entity, it is the size of the entity and who runs it. In my mind the primary culprits are the marriage of the Banksters with Government. The way you use corporations is infact deragitory and bigoted and shows sever prejudice to an organization of perfectly fine people. The fact is what you are really refering to is oilgarchs, behemoths and megafirms.

I am a conservative. It is clear to me you lean significantly to the left, but not so far that you are completely blinded by rhetoric. Both of us are in this together, and to solve this we need to work together, which means we have to respect each other and try to observe what is going on around us without prejudice, or what is coming cannot be overcome.

It is primarily the TBTF banks in concert with (emphasis added) our government that is taking over our country and orchestrating way to many aspects of our life. They control the markets, they control the commodities and through government they are starting to control every aspect of our lives and all the time taking what little money we have left.

The problem with liberals, from my perspective, is that they love freedom as much as anyone but are more willing to give up freedom to get something for “free.”

That is how we got to where we are and now it is going to cost dearly to take it back. So quit using the term corporation when the real word you mean is oilgarchs. The problem isn’t the vehical of delivery (just like it doesn’t matter what color people are, it is who they are), it is the size of the body of people involved, and it doesn’t mater if it is corporate or government (two different vehicals of delivery), once they get big they get corrupt.

Once any group gets big it wants to take everything it can and cotrol everything and tell those they are taking it from that they are doing it for their good… us grunts are always the ones that loose. The future is breaking the big into small (remember the government was supposed to maintain competition… who allowed these firms to become mega in this country, gee I wonder why); blasting the federal government apart and putting the control at the state level as intended by the founders (BTW your understanding of the civil war is wrong… do the research, it is about state’s rights, and this war enabled the federal government to become what it is today), becoming personnaly responsible for yourself and not looking for handouts and free stuff (its not free, someone paid for it); and becoming civiclly minded and active to keep control at the local level.

You see it is all about control… the goal is to get the control down to the lowest level possible to allow each to control their own destiny and to prevent the formation of oilgarchs.

I have great respect for you in trying to get the information out and exposing yourself to shots from people like me. I believe that you have a good understanding of what is going on, but it is tainted by your bias’. You are taking the initiative to educate, which is the first step of fixing a problem. You stated that the timeline of these cycles is shortening, and I think you are correct and the reason is that the education portion of the cycle is being reduced which is reducing the cycle time. This combined with the collective understanding occuring faster because of our access to the thoughs of others to confirm our individual understanding is occuring faster.

We are all in this together and the sooner we all shed our biases the sooner we get to the collective understanding. The sooner we gather our collective understanding the sooner we get on with the work of correcting the problem. The sooner we start the correction the easier it will be, alabet still very difficut. So we need to “see” what is really going on and not what we are “told” is going on. The rallying call should be personnal freedom because that is what we all desire and it cuts across all idiologies. That is how we get to where we need to go.

I would be interested in your thoughs on my comments, as I respect your opinion.


First off Eric, thank you so much for your epic comment. It’s for people like you that I started this blog. People with deep analytical abilities, strongly held opinions, the willingness to express them — whether in agreement or disagreement — and, preferably — in a civil tone. That’s you buddy. So thanks again. I will now start responding to a few of your points in different reply threads.

“I am a conservative. It is clear to me you lean significantly to the left.” Well, yeah, I did vote for Obama. And I will vote for him again in 2012, though with much less enthusiasm this time. And my disappointment in him concerns his reluctance to call out the Corporate stooges in Congress, Media, and the shady lobbies. So I guess that puts me on the left. But, given the generational theories of Strauss & Howe to which I subscribe, I fully expect to be voting Republican in 20 to 30 years. And, moreover, I’m all about individual responsibility, which leans toward Libertarianism. I guess my politics could be best described as the intersection of Libertarian and Green. i.e. drop the John Birch/Ayn Rand/comic-book-individualism/property-is-holy aspects of the Libertarians, and drop the communist leanings of the Greens, and what you’re left with is my personal politics (namely, local).

“The fact is what you are really refering to is oilgarchs, behemoths and megafirms.” Right you are. The only reason I use the phrase “People vs. Corporations” is that it is a simple, straightforward, if not exactly accurate, phrase. The more accurate phrase would be taken from another proto-post I wrote (at “Constitutionally protected irresponsible anaerobic organisms that feed on money” vs. humans opposed to them. What are these organisms? “oilgarchs, behemoths and megafirms” is a good enough approximation for me.

“Once any group gets big it wants to take everything it can and cotrol everything and tell those they are taking it from that they are doing it for their good …” Agreed again. When groups get too big, individual responsibility goes out the window, and mob rules apply. This is the case for corporations, government, and unions. But the difference between these three “too big” entities is the “coin” that they pursue. Government pursues power while unions pursue a free ride for their members. I’m not a fan of either, hence my silence on the Wisconsin fiasco. But corporations pursue money, any way they can get it. And that, IMHO, is the greatest danger faced by the American people, and world today. Applies across industries. You mention banking. I agree. And I’d add Big Food, Big Pharma, Health Insurance, Military-Industrial Complex, and Big Media, for starters. Collectively, these industries are destroying America, Americans and the world. That Obama has done nothing in 2+ years to oppose any of them — and has actually helped most of them — has disappointed me. But I still find it hard to believe that the man is a Corporate stooge.

“You see it is all about control… the goal is to get the control down to the lowest level possible to allow each to control their own destiny and to prevent the formation of oilgarchs.” Bingo once again. The way I say it is that individual responsibility is kryptonite to the Corporations. Example: I’m a 48-year-old man with 10-11% body fat, resting pulse in the high 30s, optimal blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and a host of other data points. This data is the result of an individual who taken responsibility for his own health. I neither draw on the Health Industry nor do I support it (except for paying ludicrous health insurance premiums because a lapse in coverage would put me at a disadvantage and in the event I get hit by a bus). If everyone was like me, Big Pharma and Health Insurance as we know it would disappear from the face of the Earth.

Wow, I have to ask, why would you vote for BO again after watching him for two years? What are the redeeming factors, what do you agree with, what would he do in the next term that he hasn’t accomplished already?

Nothing positive about his record the last 2 years. Just an anti-vote against the next reactionary Republican candidate. Yeah, Obama sucks. But, IMHO, that will be infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Okay, here we go. The language matters. This is a problem with liberalizim is that they bastardize the laguage to disguise true meaning. Corporate is not an accurate depiction of the problem because it doesn’t recognise 2/3 of the problem, which is government. The problem is BIG and it doesn’t matter what the delivery system is. Many corporations are good and you depend on them. Most of business is good, the world depends on them. The only way that our government lives is on the back of bussiness, and it is close to killing the goose. Oilgarch is the proper term and its governments relationship with the banks, big pharma, GE, Gubment Motors, etc, is the problem. Not so much Big oil, in the past yes, but with all the taxes, environmental regs that do nothing, and lease control, they are squeezed. Big Tobbaco… they pay and pay, and it is the gubment that can’t live without them now, as they fund so much other stuff now. First order of business is proper assessment.

Once again your bias on corporations is showing. My corporation earns it and we are proud of what we do.

Government wants your money so bad that when they can’t take it by taxing, they print it! This is a tax on savers and future generations, so they can distribute it to whom ever they select today. Trust me you won’t get any. The “man” is a corporate stooge. More accurately, a power stooge, but money is in that mix too. Open your eyes and see what is going on. You state it quite susinctly, but don’t believe what you say. Believe in yourself.

I am a 57 year old athlete and seldom need it too.

You need to let go of the corporations thing, or you will never figure this out. You live in the rhetoric world too much. It is NOT just corporations …. it is YOUR Government! Responsiblity has always has been the kryptonite. The Dems and the Bamster want you dependant on them so they can CONTROL you and you can’t say no because they own the drug (money) that they got from Big Bussiness and Printed themselves (took it from you). You are smart enough, even though a liberal 🙂 to inherantly understand this: even though you don’t know the first thing about finance or ecconomy. That is how out of wack the situation is. My point is, if it is obvious to you with no formal education in finance or the economy, and it is not how you make your living (i.e., you get up and go to work somewhere, you don’t run a company), do the research and make the effort to figure out for yourself what is going on. You are very close to doing just that. Don’t read MSM finance, read something like or to get the real story about what is going on in the markets. Don’t be lead, be a leader. It is your responsibility as a responsible citizen of the USA. Citizens are informed responsible people that direct the government. Right now we are close to having the government in full control of us, which makes us subjects!

Let go of the “corporations” rhetoric. I’m sure there is a lot more liberal speak you need to let go of. Liberal speak is just another form of control, because you respond with “canned” sayings instead of anylizing the situation and responding thoughtfully. Think for yourself and be responsible. That is how you become empowered.

That is a defensive response. To beat what is going on in this country you need to go on offense… and another term of the Bamster is not the answer, by your own assessment.

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