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Well, it’s time I explained why this Duck! and Gather blog and podcast has been quiet since the beginning of 2007. The reason:

Holonation is a website that I founded with my sister Kathy back in January. I had the initial idea, and the instant Kathy saw it, she jumped on it. She has been instrumental in its development ever since.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think about it. Even better, please sign up as a member of Holonation, and issue your comments using that site. Your opinions and life styles are what Holonation is all about.

When I get time, I’ll explain how Duck! and Gather led to Holonation. There’s a clear path. Actually, there’s also clear path from my book Personality and the Brain to Holonation. I’ll explain that path too.

For the time being, here are five podcasts on Holonation that I did over the past six months, the earliest going back to February 4 — which was right around when I started coding the site:

  • Holonation: The Birth. Announcing my new startup. Dusting off my 20-year-old programming skills, I’ve started building the site using Ruby on Rails.
  • Holonation: Picking an Initial ISP. Building a Ruby on Rails site pretty much requires an ISP who built their own site using it too.
  • Holonation: Blowing a Fuse. Yep, spending day and night trying to get this site going is not a balanced lifestyle.
  • Holonation: Random Updates. The beauty of the web for developing code — all questions and answers are there. Boy, this is fun. But lots of closet cleaning to do.
  • Holonation: Business Model. Need organic growth to raise angel financing so we can hire a real engineer and get dedicated hosting. Kind of like raising a kid.

Well, after nearly six months, I’ve finally gotten the chance to clean out my backlog of podcasts. As you can see, the earliest goes back to January 12 of this year. Some of them concern my new startup. I’ll discuss those in a separate posting. But here are the other ones:

  • (118) Seth Roberts and the Shangri-La Diet: My Experience. My podcast = intellectual masturbation. Time to become a prof? Anyway, the diet sort of seems to work.
  • (119) Marriage and Enlightenment. For better or worse, we tend to marry a proxy for one of our parents. Gives us a chance to work out childhood aversions and obsessions and thus move toward enlightenment.
  • (120) Centrality of Feelings. I’m sort of retarded when it comes to feelings — my own and those of others. How do I overcome this? Focus awareness on my own, thus enabling me to accept others.
  • (121) Sports and Enlightenment. Sports as a path to enlightement? Evidenced in the Superbowl no less? Peyton Manning, for chrissakes? I assure you, nobody else who watched that game had these strange thoughts.

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