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Been doing some reading this weekend. I started off asking myself “What the heck has been going on with the weather in California these past couple of months?” A couple of quick web searches got me off that question, and into the topic of weather control and HAARP — a U.S. DoD project in Alaska that is using electromagnetic waves to “punch holes” in the ionosphere. In an online video on HAARP, some lady mentioned that most animals, including us humans, have material called “magnetite” inside of us that makes us sentsitive to the earth’s magnetic field. That sent me back into a book I read last year: Robert Becker’s The Body Electric. Skimming that book sent me back to the Internet to freshen up on the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Doing that, one thing led to another, and I found myself among the “free energy folks.” Amidst all the wacky people and strange claims in there, I bumped into some writings by a guy named Peter Lindeman. He sounds reasonable to me. Moreover, at the end of one his pieces, he writes:

Western society is spiralling down towards self-destruction due to the accumulated effects of long-term greed and corruption. The general availability of free energy technology cannot stop this trend. It can only reinforce it. However, if you have a free energy device, you may be better positioned to survive the political/social/economic transition that is underway. No national government will survive this process. The question is, who will ultimately control the emerging World Government: the first force [Corporations] or the fourth force [People]?

The last Great War is almost upon us. The seeds are planted. After this will come the beginning of a real civilisation. Some of us who refuse to fight will survive to see the dawn of the world of free energy. I challenge you to be among the ones who try.

Well, I read that, and a number of thoughts occurred to me. First, Duck & Gather and The Self Reliance Wiki seem pretty consistent with this fellow’s thinking. Second, looks like I’ll have to try to build one of these free energy devices myself. Maybe this one looks like a good place to start. Third, this free energy vs. conventional energy battle looks so much like every other People vs. Corporations (or Long Tail vs. Head) battle I’ve looked at (e.g. in food, health, telecom, software, music, etc.). The key difference with energy is that that industry is probably the most powerful and entrenched in this nation.

Anyway, looking closer at the People vs. Corporations battle in the domain of energy, something became clear to me. It’s what I call the “Scylla and Charybdis” of the American Money Culture. It goes like this:

  • The Scylla of Free: If there’s no money in it, most everyone ignores it. The reason for this, I believe, is that the Money Culture has us believe that “You get what you pay for, so if it’s free, it can’t be worth anything.”
  • The Charybdis of Money Fetishism: If you try to patent a radical destabilizing methodology, corner the market on it, and make a buck, and then you actually begin to succeed, the Corporations who are being destabilized by your new methodology, and the Government who is the maid servant of the Corporations, will exercise their respective powers to neuter you.

How can we People sail through Scylla and Charybdis? My answer is found in the Self Reliance Wiki. That answer is: do it because it pleases us. Don’t do it because it might make us famous, or rich, or powerful. Leave fame, wealth, and power to the Corporations and Government. Find our pleasure in this beautiful world. (e.g. Other things I was doing this weekend include hiking in the mountains near where we live, and playing with my delightful offspring.)

That the Internet enables us to follow this path is what I’m calling the “Second Reformation“. And that path leads to what I’m calling the “Age of Wisdom“.

Imagine what fun we can have working toward becoming self reliant for the “optimal survival” elements mentioned in The Self Reliance Wiki. Well, at least I’ll be having fun. You’re on your own for deciding what’s fun for you.

“PeoplesWiki” has morphed into The Self Reliance Wiki. Notice that the link to this wiki is now under “Links I Like” on the left navbar. The PeoplesWiki link used to be under “Duck & Gather”. This wiki even now has it own URL:

The reason for this shift is that I see Duck & Gather as only one path among many leading to the Self Reliance Wiki. That is, Duck & Gather’s predictions of an impending People vs. Corporations struggle and ephocal global collapse certainly lead to the Self Reliance Wiki. But even if these predictions prove to be well off the mark, there is still ample reason for us people to adopt self reliant lives. These would be lives in which we rely for our necessities upon ourselves and each other, rather than upon Corporations and/or Government (as we do today).

Here is my podcast introducing the Self Reliance Wiki:

(72) The Self Reliance Wiki

New batch of podcasts concerning People vs. Corporations:

(69) Europe vs. America; Adults vs. Children — America’s inexperience with national disasters makes us dangerously immature

(70) An Uneasy Quiet — The shit hasn’t yet hit the fan in America; but it sures feels like we’re constipated

(71) It’s Already Happening — People vs. Corporations battles are already quietly brewing; time to become self reliant!

I’ve re-vamped the PeoplesWiki to provide a useful structure for collaborative work. Last month, this site had almost 600 unique visitors — from all around the world. Enough with the passivity folks! Time to get to work.

I realize that typing comments into these blog entries may not be the most interesting thing for you to do. But, I’d expect that for at least a bunch of you, the PeoplesWiki will get you going. As you can see from that page, I’ve changed the structure so that for any topic “X” (e.g. food, health, wisdom, etc.), we’re going to jointly create the following four different but related pages:

    Our Meaning of X: What we mean by “X”.Their Meaning of X: The usually ersatz version of X that the Corporations and/or Government have been providing to us. Understanding what they mean by X, and how that differs from what we mean by X, is important for clarifying what we really mean.

    Dependent X: The history of how we came to depend on Corporations or Government for their version of X. Us people being weak, passive, dependent, and docile serves the recurring revenue interests of Corporations, and the compliant obedience interests of incumbent Government. How the heck did it come about that we People signed up for these shitty roles? Understanding this history might help us find our way toward a better future.

    Self Reliant X: How can we begin relying on ourselves and/or our Communities for our version of X? The idea is for each of us to put in our own ideas of how we are trying or planning to do this. For many resources, there will probably be many ways to skin the self-reliance cat (ugh, awful metaphor that one).

If you’ve never Wiki-ed before, it’s really easy. When you’re in the wiki, just click on the “Edit this page” button (or “Create this page”, as the case may be) at the top left corner. That will take you to an editing window in which you can type, and click on the “Preview” button to see what your changes will look like. When you’re satisfied with your changes, click “Save”. Otherwise, click “Cancel”. Easy as cake. Go to it!

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