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I guess I should post this one on my YOUscription website since it addresses mental health. But I’m posting it here because it follows from my “Foxy Knoxy” posts.

The idea is the following: The difference between pathologically crazy people and “normal” people, which becomes clear as we pass our 30s, is much less clear during childhood.

Specifically, during baby/toddler-hood (i.e. before the kids can count, identify the alphabet, etc.), and during puberty-teens-early-20s, this difference is quite small. Very hard to detect.

I think the reason for this is that those two periods are the periods of greatest change and development in the human body and mind. Those huge changes affect all people — the crazy ones, and the normal ones alike. And those changes are bigger “signals” than the crazy vs. normal signal.

For example, in my own life, we have a 3-year-old daughter. It is just now becoming obvious which of her peers is on the crazy path, and which isn’t. This difference is obvious in terms of development — language, math, etc. (assuming no medical reasons for the slower development).

But before this point in her life, when she was a baby, the difference wasn’t obvious at all. The babies were growing so fast, it was hard to chalk up any differences to pathology.

The Foxy Knoxy case addresses the other period of rapid human change.

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This blog is where I discuss semi-random theories of mine about American society, politics, sports, etc. — all with an eye toward a predicted impending collapse and coming renewal.

I suppose I also talk a bit about my unfinished book Personality and the Brain here too.

In addition, I started up a website called Holonation a year ago. Among other things Holonation is a community blog. There, I (and others) discuss theories and pose questions on health, both physical and mental.

One interesting dynamic with Holonation is that users are finally starting to sign up who were not contacted my me or by friends of me and it turns out … they’re all women! Indeed, over 80% of the (small) Holonation user-base seems to be women.

Contrast that with the folks who read this blog and/or listen to the accompanying podcast. Except for my sister Kathy (who doesn’t count for these statistics), I suspect that the vast majority of Duck! and Gather readers are men.

Then for Personality and the Brain, interest seems to be split pretty evenly along gender.

When I get a chance, I’ll try to get rigorous on these statistics.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for some Oprah-like dialog (albeit from a man), here’s a blog I just posted on Holonation: Transforming Grief into Joy.


So I was surfing for stories on Steven Kazmierczak and SSRIs when I came across Illinois Shooter was Treated with Psych Meds Prior to Shooting Rampage written by some fellow named Mike Adams. Finding myself agreeing with upwards of 90% of the “far out” things Mr. Adams says in that piece, I figured I’d try surfing to learn more about the author.

Since I launched this blog in late 2004, whenever I have come across someone espousing the sort of off-the-wall ideas about which I write and speak here, almost invariably that person turns out to seem sort of weird.

Of course, when just about everybody who agrees with your own unconventional ideas is weird, than can mean only one thing about you: You are weird. And indeed I am. Just ask my wife.

Anyway, weird me goes looking to find out a little about Mike Adams. Turns out, he’s the self-proclaimed Health Ranger. He looks to be a fellow in supreme health, quite pleased with himself about that, and eager to share his good news.

I ask myself: Who does that sound like? It sounds like me! Mike being Mike, he starts up his Health Ranger business. Me being me, I start up Holonation.

Finally, check out his Health Tips. That’s my life right there.

Kind of interesting that this fellow has pretty much the same unconventional approach to health as I do, and also seems to harbor some of the the same unconventional thoughts about Steven Kazmierczak and even the coming collapse of America. Gotta love the web.

Well, it’s time I explained why this Duck! and Gather blog and podcast has been quiet since the beginning of 2007. The reason:

Holonation is a website that I founded with my sister Kathy back in January. I had the initial idea, and the instant Kathy saw it, she jumped on it. She has been instrumental in its development ever since.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think about it. Even better, please sign up as a member of Holonation, and issue your comments using that site. Your opinions and life styles are what Holonation is all about.

When I get time, I’ll explain how Duck! and Gather led to Holonation. There’s a clear path. Actually, there’s also clear path from my book Personality and the Brain to Holonation. I’ll explain that path too.

For the time being, here are five podcasts on Holonation that I did over the past six months, the earliest going back to February 4 — which was right around when I started coding the site:

  • Holonation: The Birth. Announcing my new startup. Dusting off my 20-year-old programming skills, I’ve started building the site using Ruby on Rails.
  • Holonation: Picking an Initial ISP. Building a Ruby on Rails site pretty much requires an ISP who built their own site using it too.
  • Holonation: Blowing a Fuse. Yep, spending day and night trying to get this site going is not a balanced lifestyle.
  • Holonation: Random Updates. The beauty of the web for developing code — all questions and answers are there. Boy, this is fun. But lots of closet cleaning to do.
  • Holonation: Business Model. Need organic growth to raise angel financing so we can hire a real engineer and get dedicated hosting. Kind of like raising a kid.

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