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I’m one month into hunting for a job. This is about one month longer than it has ever taken me to find a job in the past. So I’m swimming in a new world — new for me, that is.

Among the various thoughts that have come to me during this process is the idea of my efforts serving as a sort of litmus test for the U.S. economy. The argument starts with an assumption that my qualifications are, sort of, um, more stellar than that of the average bear. To test that assumption for yourself, you can check out my LinkedIn page (login to see the full record), or my business site credentials page. (Sorry if that sounded a little like “just Google me“.)

Now, the sort of job I’m looking for right now is a position as an in-house IP attorney within a Bay Area IT company. Such a position would seem quite well within the wheelhouse of my qualifications. And, I think it’s also fair to say that the California Bay Area is ground zero of the worldwide IT industry (including the hardware, software, Internet, cleantech, biotech, etc., industries).

My premise is that if a guy like me has a hard time finding a job, then this is one nasty downturn. I mean, we’re talking here about the flag-ship industry of the entire nation, in the geographic center of that industry, and a person with top qualifications for it.

I realize this might seem like a little bit of hubris or arrogance on my part. I don’t mean it to be. I just have a sense that if I’m having a very difficult time securing steady income, then I’ll bet that a very large percentage of Americans are too. I may be wrong in that sense, but there it is.

Anyway, with these thoughts in mind, I’m planning on chronicling the meta-events of this job huntin’ process.

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