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The Fourth Turning, 9/11, Richard Gage, and Red-Gray Chips

Posted on: July 19, 2011

I began this blog in late 2003 with an essay predicting a coming American crisis. Hence the name “Duck! and Gather”.

I arrived at this prediction after reading two books, one of which was An American Prophecy: The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny.

In that essay, I mentioned 9/11 and noted that many seemed to believe that 9/11 was the event that kicked off the crisis phase predicted by the Fourth Turning. But I indicated that I didn’t believe 9/11 would serve that purpose. Instead, as I explained, almost 8 years ago:

I believe, as far as American history is concerned, the “War on Terrorism” [that followed 9/11] will serve another purpose altogether. I believe this war will serve to expose to all the People, with painful clarity, the grave danger posed by the presence of the Corporate elephants in the Big American Tent.

Well, as of 2011, the above prediction doesn’t seem to have come to pass. But I’m starting to believe something like it may soon do so.

What I’m talking about is the Great American Forbidden Topic: the fishiness of 9/11. Now, I do believe, more or less, the part of the official story that says some hijackers, mostly of Saudi descent, flew those planes into the towers.

But I’m part of the millions, worldwide, who at least suspect there was something altogether fishy about how and why those buildings collapsed on that tragic day.

Now if you’re one of these people (a.k.a. “conspiracy nutjobs”), then you know that the major American media seems to be enveloped with an hermetic seal preventing any credible mention of this fishiness. No major American media will so much as seriously touch the story with a 1000-foot pole. And this willful ignorance has been the case almost since the day of 9/11.

About 5 years ago, I awoke to this “fishiness” regarding the collapse of the towers. Back then, I was wondering: Would this story ever breach the national American media? And, if it did, what would be the dynamic?

I think I now know the answers to those questions.

“Yes” to the first. As for the second question, I answer with the following two links:

The first of the two links is a paper representing the voice of science. The second embodies the voice of prudence.

Now the voice of prudent science alone won’t breach the high walls of the national American media. But what will are the barbarians at the gates.

Who are these barbarians? It is local American media, and major non-American media. Check these two links:

The first link is the “road show” Richard Gage has been on for the last few years. Notice the media organizations that have hosted him. Local American media and non-American media. No major American media.

The second link is interviews given by Niels Harrit, the lead author on the “red/gray chips” paper linked to above. He’s been on his own roadshow since the 2009 publication of this paper. Notice again the media organizations that have hosted him. No major American media.

I’m suspecting it’s only a matter of time before these barbarians have breached the gates of the New York Times, Fox News, and CNN, to name but a few. (Wither the Daily Show?)

And when that happens, heads will roll. Something like what is happening in the UK right now concerning “hackgate”. Only bigger.

Much bigger.

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