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Weiner and the Press

Posted on: June 13, 2011

From the moment I first heard about the Weiner’s weiner story, I believed he should resign from Congress. Not because his admitted actions reveal a disturbed human being (I think they do). But rather because Anthony Weiner has become an object of national ridicule.

My thought was that if Jon Stewart can spend over a week’s worth of programs finding endless hilarious material for ridiculing Weiner, then Weiner’s political capital was completely shot. Staying in Congress, under this rationale, would only hurt his party.

But then, hiking with a friend on Sunday and discussing this matter, I reversed course. I now want Weiner to stay in Congress. Don’t resign. Continue in his progressive political gadfly role.

Not because I now believe that he won’t be ridiculed. But, instead, precisely because he will be ridiculed. He will be ridiculed within Congress, and, more importantly, he will be ridiculed within the press, which will report on the ridicule he receives within Congress.

Why will it be good for Weiner to be ridiculed in the press? It’s because his progressive views will get an airing in the press. In other words, the press will report: “Weiner was raising [progressive issue X] in Congress when the whole House broke out laughing, drowning out the Congressman.”

That way, progressive issue X will see the light of day in a Corporate press that would otherwise bury it. And maybe, somebody will shame the press into covering the issue.

Bottom line, Anthony Weiner has one of America’s biggest microphones. True, it’s because he’s an object of national ridicule. But, hey, it’s 2011, and a microphone is a microphone.

Stay Anthony!

2 Responses to "Weiner and the Press"

While you do have a point, there is a huge problem with the consequences of this idea. Your point being, that even if the microphone is a comedic one, at least people will hear the message.

I don’t know the politics of this man. But let’s say his ideas are progressive, wonderful, and would help improve the quality of lives for a vast majority of people.

What looks good on paper – that is, idealism – also needs to be implemented.

There is a huge difference between having great ideas, and implementing these great ideas in ways that are equally as progressive and life sustaining.

I am dubious that this clearly disturbed man could implement his ideas in ways that were consistent with his policies. We already have seen him lie, have seen him try to coerce a cover-up from a porn star, and rebelliously refuse to step down after he was repeatedly asked to do so for the good of his party.

A man who has a mentality like that, – well, I wouldn’t want him representing me. I wouldn’t care how good his ideas were, because I wouldn’t trust that he could implement them with integrity.

An analogy would be this: if I had a brain tumor that had to be operated on, and I had the choice between the world’s most skilled neurosurgeon who was an alcoholic, and a good neurosurgeon that had no addiction problems, I would choose the latter.

If he really cared about his constituents, he could act as a consultant role to the Congressman or woman who takes his place. This new person would have a clean slate, he/she could implement policies as suggested by Weiner, and the media could get hold of these great ideas, publicize them, they would get lots of air time (with jokes and all), then if the ideas are passed in Congress, they could be implemented by someone with new blood who had a clean slate of trustworthiness. That would be a win-win situation.

And if Weiner took up his newly offered career in the porn field, perhaps he could be a porn consultant AND a consultant to Congress. In this way, new and progressive ideas would get even more mileage.

Interesting times.

Thanks Kathy. Yeah, Weiner seems like such a deplorable human that that would swamp any message. But thinking about him made me realize that the most “trusted” news voice in America belongs to comedian Jon Stewart. He talks about People vs. Corporations, and all manner of “verbotin” topics. But he does so in the form of comedy. Anybody who deals with these topics in a serious manner in America either does see the light of day in the media, or is run out (e.g. Keith Olbermann).

If I get the time, I’ll do an Enneagram analysis of this. America, the 8, is facing collapse. But, of course, the 8 is in denial over it. The only way to bring this message to the 8 is via comedy so that if the 8 gets mad, the comic can always say “Hey, I was just joking”. 7s are great comics (like Stewart). Obama, and all crisis presidents (Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington), seem to be 7s.

Bottom line: Obama is not near funny enough … yet.

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