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From the moment I first heard about the Weiner’s weiner story, I believed he should resign from Congress. Not because his admitted actions reveal a disturbed human being (I think they do). But rather because Anthony Weiner has become an object of national ridicule.

My thought was that if Jon Stewart can spend over a week’s worth of programs finding endless hilarious material for ridiculing Weiner, then Weiner’s political capital was completely shot. Staying in Congress, under this rationale, would only hurt his party.

But then, hiking with a friend on Sunday and discussing this matter, I reversed course. I now want Weiner to stay in Congress. Don’t resign. Continue in his progressive political gadfly role.

Not because I now believe that he won’t be ridiculed. But, instead, precisely because he will be ridiculed. He will be ridiculed within Congress, and, more importantly, he will be ridiculed within the press, which will report on the ridicule he receives within Congress.

Why will it be good for Weiner to be ridiculed in the press? It’s because his progressive views will get an airing in the press. In other words, the press will report: “Weiner was raising [progressive issue X] in Congress when the whole House broke out laughing, drowning out the Congressman.”

That way, progressive issue X will see the light of day in a Corporate press that would otherwise bury it. And maybe, somebody will shame the press into covering the issue.

Bottom line, Anthony Weiner has one of America’s biggest microphones. True, it’s because he’s an object of national ridicule. But, hey, it’s 2011, and a microphone is a microphone.

Stay Anthony!

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