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2011 Tuscon Shooting … WTF?

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Seems the 2011 Tuscon Shooting has kicked Wikileaks off the front page over the past week. And for good reason. It was a rather singular action, with resonant meaning for America.

Reading the coverage, it seems clear once again that this nation is incapable of subtle, grey-shaded, ambiguous thinking. Is Jared Lee Loughner politically left or right? Is the root cause of the shooting Loughner’s schizophrenia, the violent political rhetoric of the far right, or the too easy availability of semi-automatic guns?

How about a little bit of all of the above, and even more. Including the elephant sitting in the room that no one in the mass media is mentioning.

Here’s the question that I’d like to see answered: Was Jared Loughner on SSRIs?

Because if he was (and I’ll bet my left nut he was), that would fit him in nicely with all of the other crazy shootings that have plagued this country since  SSRIs began hitting our cabinets in the early 1990s.

Go spend an hour on That site is to SSRI-driven mass murder what the Complete 9/11 Timeline is to 9/11. The latter site is simply a compilation of news stories appearing in the press the world over, concerning 9/11. Spend a few hours reading various press stories on that site, and you might come to the conclusion that there is a lot about 9/11 that never made it to the nightly network news.

Do the same on SSRI Stories, and you can’t help but wonder: Are SSRIs like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft et al actually one of the root causes of crazy mass shootings like the one in Tuscon?

The easy way Big Pharma and its apologists defeat such notions is by pointing out that while tens of millions Americans take SSRIs, only a handful per year commit these crazy acts.

The same argument is used for gun availability. i.e. “Nearly 300 million guns in this country and only a handful of these crazy shootings per year. Do the math.”

Same for violent political rhetoric. i.e. “300 million Americans exposed to hate AM radio, violent speech on Fox, and yet only a handful of crazy acts like this. You’re nuts.”

Same for schizophrenia. i.e “Millions of schizophrenics in this country and only a handful per year kill strangers. Stop persecuting the mentally ill.”

But what if we put it all together? This is the question America will never ask because it’s too complicated. The question is:

What happens if we take a paranoid schizophrenic boy, put him on SSRIs, let him easily buy and train with a semi-automatic gun, and expose him to violent right wing hate speech?

I’ll bet there’s only a handful of these kinds of people in the nation. I’ll bet Jared Lee Loughner is one of them.

Let me put it another way: What would have happened to Loughner had there been no violent right wing hate speech in this nation?

I’ll bet in that case that Loughner would have taken his weapon back to Pima CC and shot up his old school. The one that kicked him out in the Fall.

Had he done that, and killed at least 4 people, he would have made the national news. But only for a day or two. Because, since the mid 1990s, this nation has been there and done that on that sort of thing.

But instead, we did have the toxic violent right wing hate speech, and so now we have something entirely new: “going postal” meets “school shooting” meets “political assassination”.

It’s something the world has never seen.  Just when the world was starting to “catch up” to America on the school shooting phenomenon, we up the ante once more.

While the world is stuck on version 2.0, we’ve rolled out 3.0. Pathology is Us. We lead; the world follows.

This is because we are America, the land of the free, home of the brave, and prime hunting ground for the SSRI-addled mass murderer.

And yet even we in America don’t dare speak the forbidden word: SSRI.

Finally, I think I should make it clear here that I love America. I love her for people like Giffords, like Christina the 9-year-old, like Daniel Hernandez. They are true Americans.

And I love America for people like Jared Lee Loughner. Only an experimental nation like America — a nation that has long since discarded all ways of life known before 1950 — could produce such a singular alienated psycho. Such a perfect cross-over madman for the new millenium. Such a crystal clear mirror reflecting back to us exactly who we are as a people.

But only if we so care to look.

7 Responses to "2011 Tuscon Shooting … WTF?"

has it always been obligatory to make youtube videos before killing sprees? the smile immediately reminds me of the look on timothy mcveigh’s face before he was executed. coincidental elements made me recall RFK assassination (for instance, altered state but with sense of mind to put motive/influences somewhere conveniently accessible) but thankfully this one turns out with a much happier ending. i’m guessing america will bury these memories in the same place the oil spill is rather than admit these escalating problems with guns, meds and maniacal political discourse. they’re all good for the economy.

Thanks Tom. You raise an interesting point. There seems to be a sort of national blind spot to looking for and addressing root causes. Perhaps the reason is that root causes of most national tragedies is corporate malfeasance. Whether it’s Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Food, “Military Industrial Complex”, etc. No national figure, nor any national press, dares raise the possibility of root causes. Especially Obama.

Unfortunately I think this guy slipped through the cracks. The parental cracks, the medical system cracks, the psychiatric cracks, the educational cracks. His college tried some measures and banned him from going back to the school until he had a mental assessment.

If this kid was put on an antipsychotic drug instead of an SSRI, and supported with lifestyle measures, I don’t thing this tragedy would have happened. And right or left wing commentaries wouldn’t have had any bearing.

But snowballs gain momentum when going downhill.


I am scared for America.

First, 12 (seemingly barely educated and unintelligent) people cannot connect the obvious dots and render a not guilty verdict for child murderer Casey Anthony.

Second, a judge declared Loughner incompetent to stand trial on May 25th, and now a court says that Loughner cannot be forced to take anti-psychotic meds. Huh???? How does that work?

If Sarah Palin runs for presidency in 2012 (and is able to beat out her Republican opponents for top spot in the party), I believe that she will win.

Very, very scary times for America.

While there are so many intelligent people in America, I think the stupidity factor in that country is soaring.

I meant “guilty” not “not guilty”. Double negatives get me every time.

Yeah, there seems to be a great deal of stupidity flying around America. But then I wonder if every place is that way. Only that the nature of the stupidity of each place is different.

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