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They Own Us

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I was listening to an NPR piece on the health care debates. The program mentioned the oft-repeated notion that any health care bill that reaches Obama’s desk must not increase the nation’s deficit. Then it hit me.

Remember the bank bailouts last year? Bush started them. Obama continued them. What was that about?

It was about the “health” of our bank Corporations. The idea was to make these Corporations healthy again. You know, stave off Corporate death (i.e. bankruptcy).

Sure seems like it worked for Citibank and Goldman Sachs. But, of course, those bailouts drove up the nation’s deficit into the trillions.

Now fast forward to this summer. This summer we are not talking about the health of the bank Corporations. Instead, we are talking about the health of We the People.

Improving the health of the bank Corporations, Our Government was only happy to take Our deficit beyond imagination. But when it comes to Our health, Our Government offers not even a single, bloody farthing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present your 2009 Government. Who do they serve?

Res ipsa loquitur.

2 Responses to "They Own Us"

Exactly. It’s sad that most people in this world place money as a much higher priority than health.

I realize this is a patriarchal analogy, but consider this. Your daugher is 20. She’s in debt deep to her eyeballs because of stupid decisions she has made, and instead of letting her declare bankrupcy, you “lend” her money so she can recover her life.

Then she tells you she has these horrible symptoms, and you’re thinking, maybe this kid’s got cancer, but you say: we’ll help you only if it doesn’t cost me anything.

America has it backwards man. Let the kid declare bankrupcy, and help her with her health so she can regain her strength and recover herself and THEN earn the privilege of using credit again and become financially healthy.

Interesting times ahead.

Thanks Kathy. I just listened on NPR to a recent speech given by Cornell West. Very moving and passionate. Subject was squarely in the topic of this post. Obama is facing a rage coming from the Left, bubbling just underneath the tranquil surface. It’s one thing for the likes of Bush and Cheney to betray and sell out the People. But Obama? Say it ain’t so.

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