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Posted on: September 9, 2009

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I’ve read all of your latest blogs. I suppose lots of this is over my head and I don’t quite understand it.

I’m glad I live in Canada. Even though my family doesn’t use the healthcare system because we take great care of ourselves (we eat “whole foods”), I’m sure glad it’s there just in case we need it.

I pay $108 per month for any type of healthcare that my family may use. For those who don’t make much money, they don’t have to pay anything for healthcare.

I think everyone should be entitled to this type of system.

Are people afraid that Obama’s healthcare reform ideas will cost too much?

It’s not a good thing when only the rich can afford healthcare.

Anyway, it was interesting reading everyone’s comments and ideas even if I could only understand only 15% of it.

What do you mean if Obama doesn’t come through again with his plan, that America will be lost for good? (I’m paraphrasing here).

Oh yeah, by the way, I think the stock market is in recovery mode, isn’t it? My father-in-law said he recovered all his money after the fall 2008 dip. I totally got out of that because the whole system made me nervous and I didn’t like worrying.

If Obama didn’t clearly stand up against the Right wing and the Health Corporations, as he did in his speech a couple of weeks ago, his staunch support on the Left would have started eroding. Then his approval ratings would have gone below 50%. And so his “tailcoats” would have been too short for the midterm elections next year. Then the Democrats might well have lost ground to the Corporation-loving Republicans. Then nothing at all would have gotten done in Washington, in a time that nation is bleeding.

That could lead to chaos in the nation, with no trusted leader to bring us though it. We’d be on our own. And with the number of guns in this nation, the resulting struggles would be very ugly. Hence, the possibility that America ends.

As for the market, the DOW sure seems to have recovered. But that recovery just highlights how diseased this nation really is. How could the stock market bounce back, when unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc., continue at record pace?

This dichotomy shows clearly that the nation is owned by the Corporations, against the interests of the People.

People are slowly waking up to that — both on the left and the right. Frank Rich posted an op ed on exactly this point in the New York Times this week saying that even Glenn Beck is right twice a day.

All of this says that this market “recovery” is an illusion.

But who knows? I still avoid the market like the plague. But my neighbor invests in it daily as his main source of income.

We all have to make our bets in this life, and live with the results.

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