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Obama’s Lincoln Moment

Posted on: September 6, 2009

I have blogged and told friends that Obama is the next in line of Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. What all of these people had/have in common is that their presidency involved a struggle for the survival of the nation. Another thing all four had/had in common is that each man came relatively “late” to the struggle of his time.

Washington came relatively late to the revolution against the British. But he is remembered as the ultimate revolutionary.

Lincoln was not an abolitionist until quite late. But he is remembered as the man who freed the slaves.

Roosevelt did not build his career as a labor organizer. But he is remembered as a true man of the People.

Obama is very, very late in engaging the Corporations who control Government and Media. This current health care debate, stretching across the summer of 2009, is the most obvious example yet of the Corporations wielding their control of American society.

If Obama is going to be remembered as “next in line” to Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, then he will be remembered by history as the man who brought the Corporations to heel.

Yet as I write this blog post on September 6, 2009, it feels to me like Obama is going to shrink from this battle once again.

You know, if he stands up to the nation on Wednesday, and backpedals again, he will have lost me as a supporter. And I suspect that if he loses me, his approval ratings will drop far south of 50% (due to the demographic I represent), therefore his impact on the 2010 elections will be neutered, and thus this nation will be all but hopeless.

In that case, the horrors of “1984” will visit us. We will become USA, Inc.

All of that riding on a speech coming up in 3 days. History says Obama will answer the call. But the past 9 months of behavior says something different.

I’ll be watching.

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