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Obama, Enneagram, Fail

Posted on: September 6, 2009

Back in 2006, when I predicted that Obama would become the next U.S. president, I explained that the basis for my prediction rested in part on the apparent Ennegram personality type of Obama. In my view, Obama is an Enneagram “Seven”.

Now, what a great many people seem to misunderstand about the Enneagram is that, at its core, it’s a theory of what we don’t like about people, not what we like. It’s about how we fail, not necessarily about how we win.

For example, I am an Eight. What that means is that, when I’m being an asshole, I’m a bully who pushes others, spins the truth for my own interests, and just can’t seem to shut up. Like I said, an asshole.

But when a Seven is being an asshole, that looks very different. For example, a Seven might be an asshole when a he is pursuing his pleasure addictions (e.g. smoking), acting like he thinks he’s God, and avoiding confrontation of any kind to the point of debilitation.

That last point brings me to the health care debates, and Obama’s upcoming speech to the nation this Wednesday. When the pundits who are your most ardent fans start mocking you for your annoying habit of avoiding all confrontation, you know that your Enneagram type has become obvious to all.

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