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Did Mr. Johns Die So That Obama Could Live?

Posted on: June 11, 2009

More threads on this James von Brunn Holocaust Museum shooting coming out today. One is that this story has gripped the national media and blogosphere.

One theme is that, back in April, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning of incidents exactly like this one. Indeed, before this one, there were a number of others, including the abortion doctor shooting, and some shooting of policemen in Pittsburg and Florida.

But it wasn’t until this incident yesterday, in Washington D.C., at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, with the death of security guard Stephen Johns, that the entire nation woke up. As we wake up the morning after this shooting, there can be no doubt in mind of anyone that right wing extremists are plotting against Obama as I write.

In other words, if and when Obama gets shot, it will be a surprise to almost no one in this country. And that is a great thing. Because it renders that eventuality much less likely to happen.

So this is why I ask: Did Stephens Johns die so that Obama could live? Did James von Brunn make it all the way to the age of 88 so that Obama could live?

For the last two years, von Brunn lived in the apartment of his son, together with his son’s girlfriend. The son and girlfriend actually charged von Brunn $400/month for rent. I found that fact fascinating.

I mean, here is your old dad, living in a room of your house, and you’re charging him rent. How did that make the dad feel?

Don’t read me wrong here. My heart goes out to the son Erik and his girlfriend. Here is the 86-year-old dad, a living anachronism, spewing hate and bile, having out-lived his fellow-travelers, and with no one left to turn to. He’s at your doorstep in 2007. How could you not take him in?

Yet living with you, every chance he gets, he tries to “convert” you to his dead, long-defeated, hateful ideology. How difficult it must have been for Erik and his girlfriend to have this fellow in their home — dad or not.

Given von Brunn’s beliefs, he should have died in prison back in the 1980s. I mean, given what he believes, life in America only became worse and worse as the years went on. Then when Obama took the oath of office in January, that must have felt to von Brunn like the final, utter defeat of his life’s purpose.

He should have died in the 80s, a bitter, old senior citizen. He should have died in the 90s’, a 70-something has-been. For sure, he should have wasted away, long before he moved in with his son in 2007.

But he didn’t. The bitter old bugger made it all the way on his own two feet to the steps of the Holocaust Museum in June, 2009.

How lucky this nation is that von Brunn made this far. He was the perfect person. Who committed the perfect crime. At the perfect time. He is exactly what this country needed, exactly when we needed it.

I guess I better start listening closer to my mother-in-law when she tells me about the next negative story on Obama. I’ll ask her from where she is hearing these stories.

I mean, people like James von Brunn live amongst us. Yesterday taught us that it doesn’t behoove us to ignore these people, just because they spout hateful ideology. Yesterday taught us to pay attention to them precisely because of that.

So maybe the next time my mother-in-law rants about Obama, I’ll ask her gently: “So is there anything you’re thinking of doing about it? How about your friends?”

2 Responses to "Did Mr. Johns Die So That Obama Could Live?"

The sad thing is that for Mr. John’s family it wasn’t such perfect timing.

I guess he may have been a sacrificial lamb. If Obama does get assassinated, I’m afraid Mr. John’s senseless death may have been in vain.

Agreed. But if Obama survives, I hope others pick up on this thread and Mr. Johns is buried in Arlington and his family taken care of.

Mr. Johns didn’t choose his historical role. History chose it for him. I hope it is the role that I suggest above.

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