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James von Brunn is the Tip of an Iceberg

Posted on: June 10, 2009

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Boy, this is one unproductive day for me. Blog-o-rama. Many thoughts coming from this shooting today at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Here’s my next one:

I’m one of the people driving the up the viewer numbers on the discussion forums today. Probably the most important topic in those forums is one, originally posted back on March 20, 2004, entitled “White Racialist Treasure: James von Brunn“. Before today, that topic had drawn only 4 posts in total. But after the events of today, that topic now has 42 posts and counting.

One of the main themes of people posting today is the following: Why does the media focus on stories like this one, but then all but ignore horrific Black-on-White crimes? Reading through these posts, I have learned about a number of truly disturbing recent crimes against white people perpetrated by black people.

I’ll have to agree that these stories have been relatively “buried” by the media. To give an example, my Google personal home page lists the top 3 current stories on Reuters, and the top 3 current stories on the New York Times. I check these lists multiple times per day. I can’t remember stories about the horrific crimes mentioned by these Stormfront posters making their way into those two top-3 lists.

Why? Well, the Stormfront posters say that the reason for this is that the media is controlled by White-hating Jews.

I disagree. Instead, I’ll offer a different reason for this disparate treatment by the media. That reason is the following: the shooting in DC today was the Tip of an Iceberg; the crimes cited by the Stormfront posters are not. Tips of Icebergs are quite interesting; random human depravity is less so.

In other words, James von Brunn was not your garden-variety nut job shooter. He was/is a reasonably intelligent and talented man, who happened to harbor hateful ideologies for almost 90 years. Moreover, this guy spewed these views widely throughout the web. Although such views are slowly dwindling in this country, they are still potent, and not near rare enough. For example, consider the title of the topic cited above (“White Racialist Treasure: James von Brunn”).

James von Brunn is the tip of an iceberg. You can read the views of some of that iceberg following the forum topic link above. Most of those posters agree that von Brunn’s act today was “stupid” and “counter-productive”. But none of them seem to disagree with the ideology that motivated von Brunn to take this action. Instead, they merely quibble with his choice of action.

That is a very different dynamic from random, venal crimes, however horrific, perpetrated by blacks on whites. I have no doubt that if a black person, holding and publishing a widely held ideology, who attracted fawning posts like the one cited above, was to commit a dramatic, grandstanding crime against whites, as a means of fulfilling that ideology, we’d all hear about it. Because that would be the Tip of an Iceberg.

But that’s not what I read when I read about the sad, horrific crimes cited by the Stormfront posters.

Of course, I realize that given their views on Blacks and Jews, to them, the stories they cite are Tips of Icebergs. So it comes back down to ideology.

This why these reactionaries can’t see the argument I present above. Since they believe their own ideology, and confuse it with the truth, they can’t see any rational difference between these two sets of stories. And since nature abhors a vacuum, they fill that vacuum with their own ideology. It’s a nice pat circle.

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