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It’s Already Begun

Posted on: June 10, 2009

I’ll confess. I’m really pleased with President Obama. Like over 60% of my fellow Americans, I approve of his performance thus far.

imagesIndeed, I think he’s a political master. I still believe this nation is on the verge of collapse, and that much harder times are coming. And with this belief, I’m happy to say that I’m thrilled that Obama is the president who will guide us through these coming dark days.

But my greatest fear is that Obama won’t be making the trip with us. History says that there will be one or more assassination attempts against him. We can only hope these future attempts will fail.

But it’s easy to ignore that prospect. I mean, there are few, if any, overt signs of plotting against Obama. Sure, once in awhile, some crackpot will be arrested for making threatening comments about Obama. But those incidents seem remote.

And then the shooting today in the Holocaust Museum in DC brings it all back to me. Let me back up for a second.  …

A couple of months ago, I asked who would become the Reactionary Analogue to the SLA? The basic idea here is that the political Right is now on the outside of American politics, after having been on the inside for past 25 years. And history says the Right will remain on the outside for the next 20 years or so. This is just part and parcel of the cycle of American politics.

But in the early years of these transitions — from Right to Left, and from Left to Right — the “sore losers” of history seem to produce crazy/violent people/groups who just simply can’t accept losing.

I would have no insight into these kinds of sentiments if it weren’t for the fact that my mother-in-law holds some of them (in a very soft way). In other words, if there is a negative story about Obama out there, I will hear about it from my mother-in-law the next time I see her. “Peter, did you hear … ?” She knows my political views.

She reminds me that there is a resolute group of Americans — something like 10% — who not merely disapprove of Obama’s performance. Instead, they detest the man. They seem him as a charlatan. A fraud. A grave danger to this nation.

The vast majority of people who harbor such thoughts — like my mother-in-law — are all talk and no action. Nothing much will come of it. Just a little indigestion perhaps.

But within that group of Nobamas, there are a few violent wackos. The thing that got me thinking about them today was the Holocaust Museum shooting earlier today. The shooter was some 88-year-old wacko named James von Brunn.

Normally, you couldn’t find out much if anything about an 88-year-old on the web. I mean, the web is by and for kids.

But the case of Mr. von Brunn is a delightful exception. In fact, he has his own website: Right now, that page is loading very slowly. Seems I’m not the only one to have found it. 🙂

Anyway, on that site, you can reads lots about what this fellow thinks and believes. Born in 1920. He’s a WWII vet. Think about the history this guy has seen and lived through: Depression, WWII, Black liberation, sexual revolution, women’s fight for equality, the gay uprising, financial boom then bust, and so on.

You read this guy’s thoughts and beliefs and realize that none of the dramatic history he has lived through has reached him in any way. His beliefs on race, Jews, women, etc., are straight out of 1925. It’s like his brain was frozen at the age of 5, making him immune to social progress.

But he’s not that interesting to me. What was more interesting to me was getting on the discussion thread about this shooting on the white supremacist website called “Stormfront”: Now that has been an interesting read for me.

It’s a discussion forum for the 10% of Americans who despise Obama (among many other phenomena they despise). This forum is like a window into the mindset of this 10%.

Reading the posts, I learn that, before the identity of Mr. von Brunn was revealed, many of the posters hoped the shooter wouldn’t turn out to be another white guy like that recent abortion clinic shooter.

Then it struck me. The thread running through that abortion clinic shooter and Mr. von Brunn is that they are part of the violent/crazy fringe of the 10% who despise Obama.

Back before the election, when Sarah Palin was running through her campaign stops, enterprising young kids with video phones would interview people waiting in line for a Palin event. These people, who otherwise looked normal, were borderline psychos. I mean, they were very, very angry people, who would say the most heinous things into the video camera. I guess they didn’t know they would wind up on YouTube.

The point of these videos was to show that the Palin supporters included a good number of deeply disturbed people.

But when Obama swept to victory on November 4, and we all (well, most of us) wept with joy, these stories of the Palin wackos went away. Quietly. Haven’t been heard of since.

Except in these “random” incidents. Abortion clinic shooting here. DC Holocaust Museum shooting there. Seemingly unconnected events. But on further analysis, they are connected in a frightening way. These shooters are among the people who really, really don’t like our president.

Something’s coming. I’m telling ya. Something’s coming.

My only solace is that I’m sure that Obama’s people know this and are ready for it.

Yeesh. Life in America circa 2009.

3 Responses to "It’s Already Begun"

I had the misfortune of coming across your blog while googling the von Brunn wacko.

True to form, you ally violent numbskulls like von Brunn (who hated many on the right too) to those of us that are indeed alarmed at the 90-degree turn to the left that this country has experienced under the bumbling yet devious leadership of Lord Obama. Seemingly, ad hominem attacks are the bread and butter of you “open-minded” and “tolerant”, self-righteous, snide, condescending left-wingers. I never knew that open-mindedness and tolerance was so intolerant.

Several observations:
1) My experience with your type, esp. when I was in graduate school, is that you live and work in ideological echo-chambers. You do not generally encounter anyone who disagrees with you on a day-to-day basis, hence your view of those on the political right is fashioned after whatever Jon Stewart-NYT-JaneneGarofolo-MSNBC frame us as. Suggestion: get out more often and mingle with we, the masses (aka Lord Obama’s “clingers”). Which brings me to #2.

2) We on the center-right are far more than 10% of the population. It’s likely closer to 40%. You would know this if point #1 above weren’t true.

3) A majority of those who voted for Lord Obama were snookered; misled. They were unpolitical types that were naive enough to believe in the bovine feces that he was flinging about (with complicit and enthusiastic support of Big Media). These poor people swallowed the whole hopey-changey shtick hook, line & sinker. In contrast, those of us who attempted to warn the country about Lord Obama’s true (and twisted) worldview, and his position as an unrepentant leftist (note: as distinguished from a liberal) were ridiculed & marginalized by an organized media-DNC cabal (the repercussions of this alliance is already being felt in Big Media’s freefalling numbers). When these folks realize that they’ve been had (and that is happening as we speak), it will not be pretty. Watch the cult of personality’s approval numbers drop like a lead zeppelin. Which leads me to #4

4) Change is coming, you have that right. Note the increased protests wherever Lord Obama decides to deign us with his presence, his dismissal on the global stage as every world leader recognizes that pansy that we’ve elected (examples include N. Korea, Iran, and soon Russia) and a very critical overseas press (who once upon a time also swooned at his presence like American Big Media, but have since smartened up).

May you live in interesting times indeed.

Thanks for the extended comment Jason. It was a very interesting read. It’s what my mother-in-law and father-in-law would have said had they enjoyed the obviously higher education you’ve had.

You’re probably right that I don’t “get out enough” to hash out political views with peers who are on the opposites sites of where I come from. Echo-chamber indeed.

We’ll see how your Obama predictions turn out. As you can imagine, I’d place opposites bets on Obama’s future. Time will tell.

Jason, as for “allying the wacko von Brunn with the 10% who despise Obama”, I point you to the would-be suicide note he left his car for the police. Among other sentiments, the note said something like: “The Jews created Obama”. We all know what the man thoughts of Jews. So his feeling about the “Jewish creation” Obama would place Mr. von Brunn squarely within the 10% that despise Obama.

I don’t understand why you object to the obvious fact that you and von Brunn and the rest of the 10% share the following trait: you all despise Obama. I’m sure you’re not quite ready to go packing a rifle to the White House — like von Brunn obviously was. But the fact remains you share this trait.

It doesn’t bother me that I share an antipathy toward Christianity with von Brunn. Actually, I have a bit of antipathy with all forms of organized religion — not just Christianity. But when I read von Brunn ranting about Christianity, I say to myself: “Well, I wouldn’t say it that way, but I do ‘get’ where he’s coming from.”

When you go on about how Obama is a hidden creature of the Left, and thus a danger to the nation, I must say that these thoughts of yours remind me of von Brunn and his fellow traveler John “Birdman” Bryant, not to mention plenty of posts on

I’m not saying you’re necessarily “in the camps” of these people. Just that you roughly share these particular views.

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