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I’m Just Sayin’

Posted on: June 10, 2009

OK. So I couldn’t summon the motivation to watch the whole 10 minutes of it either. But just skip forward to the last minute or so and you’ll get the flavor.

I found this fellow starting with a Google search for James von Brunn, and following the links. Mr. von Brunn has opened up a fissure in the firmament. Who needs the Southern Poverty Law Center and their list of Right wing nutjobs? The wackos are on the web!

Well, to end this post on a high, I did some searching to find info on Mr. von Brunn’s youngest son. Turns out this 88-year-old had a kid at 55. What a stud!

Anyway, that would make the kid 32 or 33 today. The kid’s name is Erik von Brunn. A little Googling, and ipso presto, we come upon a new blog written by someone named “Erik von Brunn”.

The picture of the fellow looks like somebody in his early thirties. Same guy?

I don’t know. But could be.

If so, I’m encouraged reading his lone blog post. It’s a short story. Reading it, I don’t get the sense at all that this fellow is a reactionary. Maybe he is. But it doesn’t seem like it.

Let’s assume, for a minute, that this is James von Brunn’s youngest kid, and the kid is not a reactionary. What would that say about America?

Everything! Just imagine it. Your dad is a reactionary wacko who gets arrested for carrying a sawed-off shotgun into the Fed when you were 5. Then, at 88, today, your dad becomes news item #1 on CNN for killing some poor black security guard at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Your dad is a True Believer. A Dangerous Man.

Surely a fellow like von Brunn tried to ram his ideology down the throat of his youngest son. In other countries, the poisoning of the minds of children by parents can’t be undone.

But this is America. We are a land in flux. What was solid yesterday is liquid today. This is the genius of America. We move forward like a rushing river, while the rest of the world barely trickles ahead.

I hope this blogger turns out to be the kid and he turns out to be a progressive who voted for Obama. What a wonderful American story that would be … “America: The Only Land in Which Water is Thicker Than Blood”.

UPDATE: They [von Brunn and his ex-wife] had one son, Erik, but “Our son despised James’ beliefs like I did,” she said. Bingo!

5 Responses to "I’m Just Sayin’"

Fascinating read!!

Yes that is hopeful about America’s flux for not a gaurantee in raising weirdo’s who come from weirdo beliefs.

However, the converse to that, is that much of America is not rooted and grounded into family and tradition, which is another form of instability.

Double edged sword me thinks.

Could you please explain the video to me. I saw about half of it, skipping through the whole thing. I didn’t get it. Lots of rhetoric. Against the American government for sure. Anything else? I didn’t see any white supremacist crap. Actually I saw lots of what you say on your blogs but with tons of rhetoric and “patriotism”.

Agree on your first comments. With no center to hold in America, we get everything. The beauty and the ugliness; the hope and despair, the enlightened and insane; the peaceful and the violent; the loving and the hateful. Sometimes in the same family.

On your second comment, I’m with you. Kind of baffled from where the guy is coming from. Taxes? Is that his greatest beef? Couldn’t grok it. Just got it that he is very angry at the government, and ready to die for his beliefs, whatever they are.

Re “[he says] lots of what you say on your blogs”, maybe he was anti-corporate, but I had a hard time picking up on that. But on the question of means, we’re polar opposites. I’m completely non-violent; he’s ex-Marine and all about violence. That’s not simply a distinction in form. It’s substantive.

That is, I believe that the most pressing and radical thing each and every one of us ought to do to save this nation is build and operate a backyard garden. Whoa! What a fire-breathing revolutionary that makes me. (That belief of mine puts me in line with the First Lady, by the way.)

Oh of course. I assumed you knew that I meant anti-corporate vs means. Yeah for sure. Nothing like your intelligent blog. Just stuff against the government, but polar opposite approaches to the solution.

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