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Harry, Jeremy, and Susan

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle, a homely hag, with a corny sassiness, happens to be a woman with a voice that can reduce us to tears. She’s People-People. Not Corporate-People.

(Click here to watch the video.)

Harry Markopoulos, a homely geek, with a penchant for melodrama, happens to be a man of extreme intelligence, utmost integrity, and laudable patriotism. He’s People-People. Not Corporate-People.

Jeremy Fry, a homely high school goober, with the encouragement of his mother, happens to be a kid with a brilliant talent for physical comedy. He’s People-People. Not Corporate-People.

I have previously blogged about how, in sports, the worship of “kings” died on 9/11.

The emergence of People like Harry and Susan and Jeremy into public consciousness shows that we People hunger for People-People to honor. We’re done with the Corporate-People.

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Well, I think it’s only a dream that we are coming into a world of People-People. Yes, we hunger for them. And yes, we honor.

But it’s like the malnourished person who is hungry for something nutritious, but can’t break the habit of eating junk food.

I can’t speak intelligently about Harry, nor do I know much about Jeremy. The last clip was hilarious though.

But I can speak about Susan Boyle. First of all, it wasn’t People-People that “discovered” her. She was on a corporate show, judged by famous people who are hired by multi-billion dollar corporations. Two famous hollywood actors, via twitter, spread the word about this video on YouTube. Simon Cowell is rumored to be signing a record deal with Susan after her performance.

The point of this is that while we regular Joe’s love to see other regular Joe’s succeed – these latter Joe’s have become famous via Corporate-People. The reason we know about them is via Corporate-People, if their fame is more than 15 minutes it will be because of Corporate-People, and should these newly successful regular Joes become very wealthy and very famous, no doubt they will have bought into, and have become part of the Corporate-People circle.

Unfortunately there is no way around it …….

…… except for this. If things really get bad, and the shit really hits the fan, then local talent will be gold, and regular community Joe’s will be valued not for the commercial monetary value of the “new fad regular Joe” persona that they bring, but because they are part of a community that appreciates talent without all the glitz, glamour and mega-buck contracts.

Well said Kathy. I agree we’re not anywhere near the place where People will bring the news and entertainment to other People without Corporations in the middle.

My point above was simply that the tastes of us People are shifting. Savvy Corporations who spot this shift — like this British Idol show — reap the benefits by giving us what we want to see (e.g the Susans of the world).

And then there’s People like Harry and Jeremy. Those two got into our consciousness with very little intervention — though I did first learn about Jeremy from a Corporate blog on

Well, this morning Jeremy Fry has helped contribute to the world of corporate America.

I downloaded “Living On a Prayer” onto my Ipod this morning. I wouldn’t say that I’m a Bon Jovi fan. I definitely don’t have any of his/their songs on my Ipod. But I had to download that one because everytime I hear that song now I think of Fry and chuckle.

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