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Well, I dip into a story, write it up in a post, and then the old brain just keeps on ticking with more thoughts. Here is my next one: The three perps of this sordid story — Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede (see my previous post) — represent America, Europe, and Africa. What I mean is the following.

Amanda, a visually striking young girl, with a noticeable pathological streak, is the perfect symbol for America. From the outside, from the PR-crafted image, this is a perfect being. Helen of Troy, to quote Amanda. But underneath that shining image, poking out in every direction, is profound disturbance. Underneath the virginal image is one deranged girl.

This is America. Probably circa 2007, rather than 2009. America circa 2009 will be Amanda six months into the 30 year sentence she will be getting. Then, the pathology will be much clearer in her, as the pathology in America is obvious to all today. America is rotten to its core. But unlike Amanda, we Americans will reinvent ourselves, and redeem ourselves within 20 years. Amanda will still be in jail in Italy.

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