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Foxy Knoxy and the Perfect Enneagram Storm

Posted on: January 11, 2009

This is a story about how three different personality types, in a rather unhealthy state, came together to produce a tragedy so horrific that it would not have happened absent the presence of all three. This post uses the Enneagram theory of personality to explain this tragic dynamic.

Trolling YouTube, I came along the following story:

Since I haven’t had TV in my home in over a decade, and since I don’t follow “Entertainment” or “Crime” stories, I hadn’t heard of this murder case before.

But this 5-part “Dateline” video series was kind of interesting to watch. Below, I’m assuming you’ve watched it.

Point of this post is to give my Enneagram interpretation of this one. My basic theory is that this murder occurred only because three different damaged personalities came together on one fateful night. In Enneagram terms, the perps were a Two, a Five, and a Seven, all in unhealthy states.

In names, these three people are Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede. In nationality, an American, an Italian, and an Ivory Coastian, respectively. In gender, female, male, and male. In race, white, white, and black. In occupation, student, student, and drug dealer. In relationship, girlfriend, boyfriend, and drug supplier to both. In age, all between 20 and 24.

The victim, a housemate of Amanda, was a white English student named Meredith Kercher. On the morning of November 2, 2007, in a romantic medieval Italian town, Meredith’s body was discovered. She died from a deep stab wound through her neck. Her body also showed that she had been pricked under her chin by a knife, and in other parts of her body.

Rudy’s DNA was all over the crime scene. He has been sentenced to 30 years. Amanda and Raffaele go on trial this Friday.  As you have gathered, I’m pretty sure those two are guilty.

One interesting question about this case is: Motive? Another question is: Degree of guilt?

Let’s start with the latter question.  I believe that all three are guilty of sexual assault. I further believe that Amanda is guilty of second degree murder (i.e. impulsive murder; not premeditated) and that the two guys had no intent to murder.

I believe Amanda stabbed Meredith in the neck, and that when she did this, she surprised the shit out of Raffaele and Rudy, who both suddenly realized that they were in deep, deep, trouble.

I don’t buy the prosecutor’s fantasy theory of a “Halloween cult” involving the three defendants. Instead, I believe this crime was a banal one, born of common, everyday motives, albeit a little extreme. That’s what makes this case so interesting. The idea that, individually, each of these people was not so different than any of us. But that in coming together, they committed an act that very few among us would ever do.

Here’s my Enneagram reasoning for these beliefs:

As an unhealthy, insecure Two, Amanda did much more than simply fornicate with almost every man she met (this is one of the principle ways in which unhealthy Twos seek “love”). Note that Two shifts to Eight in insecurity. In that unhealthy state, Amanda would be argumentative, impulsive, vengeful, and perhaps even violent.

I haven’t read much about Raffaele, but he strikes me as a Five. In insecurity, Five goes to Seven. In that state, the normally ordered, quiet, academic, and boring Five becomes recklessly wild. Fives also tend to have an appetite for lurid, strange, or otherwise “forbidden” subjects. Raffaele’s appetite in this direction seems to have had a sexual aspect to it. The story has it that, shortly before the murder,  Raffaele was “bored with the same old evenings and desiring to try out strong emotions”. Still, I don’t think this kid was a killer.

Rudy seems like the classic criminal Seven. A charismatic liar, a thief, drug dealer. A guy on the make, just trying to scam whatever he could for free. But not a killer.

Somehow, these three people agreed on a plan to enter the room of Meredith, and sexually assault her. Rudy would commit the sexual acts. Raffaele would hold Meredith down. Amanda would threaten Meredith with a knife. This is the prosecutor’s theory.

The motive of each? Here is where I disagree with the prosecutor. I think that, individually, these motives were very common and even benign. Here they are: I believe that Rudy was looking for free sex (what young man isn’t?); Raffaele was looking for a freaky, lurid, erotic scene (common among many young men — just troll YouTube); and Amanda was looking for revenge on Meredith, and to please Raffaele (like many young women).

On the revenge point, it seems that Meredith had registered many complaints toward Amanda. Both to her face, and to others. Among the complaints: Amanda was a slob, a slut, and dangerous in bringing creepy men back to the house. There seems also to have been money disagreements.

Amanda was looking for revenge. So she decided to humiliate Meredith in the way described above. Accordingly, she would be killing three birds with one stone: revenge for herself, free pleasure for Rudy, and service to her boyfriend.

How did this crazy scheme end up as a murder? Turns out that there was no semen of Rudy found on or within Meredith’s body. I suspect that the scheme didn’t get far enough along for that.

I suspect what happened was that, as Raffaele was undressing Meredith, and as Rudy was just getting started with his assault, and as Amanda was poking the knife under Meredith’s chin (i.e. the prosecution’s theory to this point), Meredith said something to Amanda that got her killed.

Who knows, maybe something like: “Amanda, I knew you were a slut, but had no idea that you were a psychopath.” I don’t know. Just something that infuriated Amanda.

In that instant of fury, I believe Amanda simply shoved the knife, with which she was poking Meredith’s neck, through the victim’s neck.

Interestingly, sometime during all of this, Rudy took a crap in the house toilet and didn’t flush (some lucky lab technician traced the poop DNA back to Rudy). When, during all of this, did Rudy take his crap?

I suspect it was before they entered Meredith’s room. As noted, Amanda was a slob of a roommate, and that irritated Meredith to no end. I could see Rudy saying to the team, “Hey, I have to take dump”. And Amanda saying, “Go ahead, but don’t flush.” Just to piss off Meredith.

That’s consistent with my belief that these three people, all high on drugs, had no intention of killing Meredith that night (except for Amanda’s moment of rage).

And the Enneagram take is that the combination of these personalities was needed. It needed a disturbed Two, with motives of revenge and pleasing her boyfriend. It needed a boyfriend with lurid sexual fantasies. And it needed a grifter black guy always on the hunt for the next scam.

The truly tragic thing about this case is that if the wild Amanda had “settled down” with a different Italian, one with a more pedestrian sexual appetite, instead of Raffaele, this murder wouldn’t have happened. Or if Amanda’s drug pusher had been a laconic, peace-loving ganga-smoking cool guy, instead of Rudy, this wouldn’t have happened.

Similarly, if Raffaele had picked another American hottie for his girlfriend, with, let’s say, depression as her pathology, he would never be facing decades in jail as he is this week.

And if Rudy had simply been arrested for drug pushing or stealing — which he had been doing — he would never have hooked up with this dangerous couple, and would thus be spending 5-10 years in jail, not 30.

And maybe even if Meredith had not been so wound up — i.e. had she simply studied her housemate’s promiscuous, slovenly behavior rather than throwing it in Amanda’s face, maybe the worst that would have happened that night would have been a rape. That would have been tragic to be sure. But hey, much better than dead at 21.

Bottom line, four people who brought the worst out of each other.  And all it took was for the one truly disturbed kid in the bunch (Amanda) to light a match to this hormone-fueled kindling. There, but for the grace of God, go (or at least “went” for us older folks) all of us.

p.s. At the trial, Raffaele will almost certainly cop a plea, turn state’s evidence, and tell the true story of what happened that night. With no priors, and no evidence that he did the killing, maybe he’ll get 10 years. Will be an interesting trial. Classic “Prisoner’s Dilemma” problem.

16 Responses to "Foxy Knoxy and the Perfect Enneagram Storm"

Okay, now you’re writing really, really interesting stuff.

I am ashamed to admit, that I know this story backwards and forwards, and every eensy weensy piece of evidence.

If those 3 did murder Kercher, then yes, I would buy your personality theory and your story.

But with all the evidence I’ve read (yes I really do have a life, really), I am on the fence as to whether any of these 3 killed this girl.

It is possible, and it is possible none of them did.

Rudy’s DNA was found EVERYWHERE. Even on Kerchser. He admitted they had “consensual sex” that was not completed (i.e. no semen) the night she died.

He fled when he found her body after taking a shit.

His initial story was that he saw a man fleeing from the crime scene after he took a shit. NO MENTION OF A WOMAN.

Much later on, he would talk about a woman – Knox being there. Why? Because the police already had zeroed in on them and put both of them in jail.

I’m 50-50 with this case. Yeah, Knox changed her story many times. But fear and intimidation can do many things. (See Riley Fox story where dad confesses he killed and raped the kid when he didn’t, after investigators badgered him for 14 hours).

There is lots of reasonable doubt in this story.

If your theory is truy, why didn’t Rudy come clean? He would have got 5 – 10 instead of 30.

Now, if the boyfriend confesses and spills the beans, then yeah, I’d believe your story.

Don’t think that’s going to happen though. He has been in jail for 1 year. If he was involved, he would have spilled well before Rudy’s fast tracked trial, and he would have implicated Rudy as the prime suspect and he as an accessory. But let’s see. It is fascinating.

This is not a open and shut case, so it’s hard to surmise personality theories, when the facts may not be correct.

Please do a theory/story/personality depiction on Casey Anthony. Again, I am ashamed to say that I also know every miniscual piece of evidence on this case.

I find this case even more fascinating because there is so much denial, including from her parents, and so much evidence.

I look forward to reading your Enneagram take on this case: Casey, her parents, etc.

On Rudy’s guilt, his hand print and shoe print were in Kercher’s blood. If his story is true, why didn’t he call the Italian equivalent of 911? Answer is that he’s a black African in racist Europe and nobody would have believed him.

But following that logic, he had no bargaining position once arrested. Black guy with bloody hand print, who is already a criminal, will get 30 years no matter what. In that climate, his testimony against the two white kids wouldn’t be nearly as valuable as the DNA evidence against them.

Raffaele’s DNA on Kercher’s bra clip will be very tough for him to explain. Kind of puts him a box, limiting his choices.

Physical evidence on Knox seems very thin (unless they can tie a bloody footprint to her). The case against her is mostly circumstantial. Interpretation depends upon the audience. But damning stuff include:
– security video captures Knox coming back to the house shortly before Kercher did (i.e. seems to place her there around the time of the murder)
– this is consistent with her forced confession when she said she was there
– why did she name Lumumba? Because the cops we’re pressing her on the text message between the two of them shortly before 9p.m. i.e. her little brain though it saw a way out of this mess by blaming Lumumba
– she is the thread that connects Kercher, Raffaele, and Rudy
– testimony of townsfolk who say that Knox and Raffaele did not seem to be shocked or in mourning the morning after when Kercher’s body was discovered (one guy even says they were seen laughing and joking)
– bad blood between her and Kercher

Other evidence about Knox that will likely be excluded, but weighs on my appraisal, includes:
– she’s extremely promiscuous, to the point of sexual pathology
– she has been extremely insensitive to people at times
– she has been violent at times

My bottom line take on Knox is that she is a Two who had a very difficult childhood, and when she reached physical maturity, her chameleon aspect became extreme. i.e. Whatever group she was with, she would match them, and up the ante a bit. This explains why she was only one arrested by the Seattle police at her going away party at a frat house that turned into a riot. It would also explain her participation in the Kercher murder — i.e. If Raffaele wanted freaky, kinky shit, she’d deliver that and more. Now, she’s trying to please her lawyers and PR firm. So she comes across as innocent, delicate, and virginal.

On Caylee Anthony, I confess I did read a little bit on that one. Calyee’s mom seems like a really pathological Seven. And the emotional health of the other principals in the case — her parents — seem only somewhat better. For some reason, that case seems to turn my analytical interest off. Just makes me sad for Caylee (especially since we have our own precious toddler).

I think the reason why the Foxy Knoxy case interests me is captured in my “Archetypes” post. This otherwise banal case is fascinating to me because of the human characters who so aptly represent America, Europe, and Africa — at least from the point of view of Europeans.

I’m a European citizen (of Greece), as well as Canadian and American. When I’ve gone over there over the past decade, the European view of America as crazy and diseased was palpable. Also, the racism was a bit overt.

Finally, on the question of why Raffaele has not turned against Knox yet, it’s because he has nothing to gain from it yet unless the prosecution is offering him a minimal sentence for his testimony. I don’t think they are, though, since the bra clasp seems to give them a big lead.

So Raffaele’s best choice now is to wait and see how the prosecution’s case plays out. Will his high-priced lawyer be able to punch holes in the case against? If so, the offer from the prosecution will be much sweeter then.

I enjoyed reading about the Prisoner’s Dilemma. I knew nothing about this. How unfair it would be for an innocent party to remain silent, and a guilty party to spill the beans.

I love reading stories where people are pleading innocent and there is evidence of crime. Are they lying? How much are they lying? If they didn’t lie, would they be legally further ahead?

Then there’s the innocent people that are convicted. Those are heart wrenching stories. I don’t think all the money in the world can make up for the screw up of those people’s lives.

I agree that convicting innocent people is truly tragic. But, IMHO, there’s no innocent people left in this case. Just different degrees of guilt.

In my view, Rudy deserved 10-15 years, not 30. But in racist Europe, that didn’t seem possible.

If Knox’s DNA was on the bra clasp instead of Raffaele’s, then we’d face the prospect of an Italian court white-washing Raffaele’s involvement.

Indeed, before the DNA discovery on the bra clasp, Italians were firm on the story of “good Italian boy meet crazy American girl”.

But the bra clasp changed everything. Made this a very, very interesting case.

All of the above is a very interesting read.

Yes, Casey is definately a pathological 7. What do you think her parents are?

Yeah, the DNA on the bra clasp. See, if they had more than that – even the knife evidence wasn’t anything – then it would seal the deal for me. But Knox and Kercher lived together. Whose to say that at some point Raffaele didn’t take the bra out of her draw and look at it while in the company of Knox (also, apparently the police collecting of evidence was abismal). See, where was all the DNA of Knox and Raffaele at the crime scene? on the body? anywhere? Surely if there was some sordid sex game, there would have been a hell of a lot more DNA if they were in a drug crazed state. That’s what bugs me. Almost no evidence – just changes in stories – then a black guy that doesn’t even mention those 2 initially.

See, if I were Rudy, I would have done the same thing initially. Flee when I “saw and intruder”, because even if I didn’t do it, my ass would be in a sling if the police caught up with me because of all of the DNA.

But here’s what I don’t get. So I’m Rudy, and I’m arrested. First thing I’m going to do is say, I ran because I was scared, because Knox and Raffaele did this and that. But he DOESN’T say that. Instead, he stupidly does not betray anyone, and sticks with his “the intruder did it” story. Then months afterward, when the police have already fingered Knox and Raffaele, Rudy comes out with “the intruder was Raffaele” and he heard Knox there as well.


First of all, if I was hoping not to spend 30 in the can, I would cop a plea, and tell my involvement in the crime, implicating exactly what the other 2 did right when I was caught.

What he did makes no sense to me.

Also, if all 3 were involved in a sex game, surely after a year, someone would have spilled to get a plea bargain. But no one has done that. That’s really weird to me, if they were all involved in the game.

Oh no! We’ve created a monster. The most involved comments on this blog are now on schlock. 🙂 Oh well, so it goes …

On the crime scene, I think the evidence will show that it was cleaned up with bleach. The point wasn’t just to find DNA. It was to find DNA on incriminating evidence like blood, the bra, etc. I think the two white kids cleaned up their incriminating traces and specifically left Rudy’s.

Good point about Raffaele handling Meredith’s bra sometime earlier. Meredith is dead, so can’t say whether or not Raffaele ever entered her room. Leaves a door open for him.

As for Rudy, he was telling an exculpatory story. I mean, if it was to be believed, he should have been set free. But the truth is probably that he participated in a violent sexual assault. Sure he didn’t intend to kill Meredith, and sure he didn’t actually do it. But the felony-murder doctrine (in the US at least) says that if three of us are robbing a bank and one of us shoots the teller, we’re all guilty of murder. Probably works the same in Europe.

So then the Rudy story comes down to whether the prosecution offered him a deal. I don’t believe they did. They had no reason to.

Had they given him a deal so he testifies against the white kids, the lawyers of the white kids would soon have the jury laughing at that purchased testimony of a pathological liar (which is what Rudy’s adoptive Italian patron had said about him).

I refuse to blog about Caylee. 🙂 In fact, the only reason I blogged about Foxy Knoxy is that my wife barred me from blogging about Gaza. That is, my restless brain had to latch onto something, and Foxy Knoxy it was.

I understand the refusing to blog about Caylee thing with having your own toddler.

But really for me, that isn’t the fascination with this story (i.e. infanticide).

This is the fascination for me – and I’ll generalize, out of respect for your wishes.

How does an accused person continue to lie in the face of mounting evidence? do they really believe their story? have they gone past the delusional phase where it’s too painful not to believe their story? do they not believe their own story, but are scared shitless and lie consciously? This for me has been my fascination. Maybe you could pick another case that has this content in it?

As well, how do parents, in the face of mounting evidence continue to believe a lie? Not in a million years would I protect my child from the death penalty if she was guilty without a shadow of a doubt. I guess it’s because I’m a right’n wronger – one.

What is schlock?

Awhile ago, I blogged/podcasted about the fine line between insanity and enlightenment. That is, insane and enlightened people often seem to say similar things, different from what normal people do. So how do we tell the difference?

The way to tell difference is that enlightened people see themselves as one with all of reality — neither better nor worse. Insane people see themselves as God, with everyone else separated from them.

So if you’re crazy, all that matters to you is you. “You”, in the genetic sense, includes your children.

Hence why the Anthony and Knox parents take their positions.

Hence why Calyee’s mom and Knox take their “innocence” positions, and why they took their actions in the first place.

For example, I read a recent story about Knox in which she said she had broken up with Raffaele, and was back together with her Seattle boyfriend “DJ”. She said that all she wanted to hear from DJ was his love for her. Straight out of the Enneagram for a Two (i.e. “It’s all about me and my core desire.”)

What? You don’t have Google? “Schlock is an English word of Yiddish origin meaning ‘something cheap, shoddy, or inferior (perhaps from German Schlag, Yiddish shlak, meaning ‘a stroke’)'” (

Let me further explain how “schlock” applies here. IMHO, individual human pathology is just the state of mankind. Always has been with us; always will be. So, to me, individual cases of pathology are schlock. Cheap talk. May as well talk about the same old weather.

Talk that’s of value to me concerns patterns that are changing. e.g. Cyclical weather vs. human-caused global warming. Steady diet of “Dateline” pathology stories vs. patterns showing the per capita rate of pathological crimes rising or falling due to social changes. Foxy Knoxy salacious crime vs. that crime as an allegory of clashing continents in the 21st century. etc.

Oh I get it. I did google schlock but it still didn’t make sense because I thought it was a website the way you worded it.

Well, I don’t know where my interest fits in. I don’t think it fits into either of your categories. I’m not interested in the story for the story’s sake. And I’m not interested in social changes that may be guessed to affect patterns of stories like the invidual ones.

My interest lies in self-responsibility, that is not tied to social change. No matter the details of any story, my questions are: why? how did it get that way in the first place? what role did self-responsibility ever play in this person’s life? how can this story be prevented for other people?

As well, I am interested in the legal system as far as getting to the “truth”. Why some people fess up right away, some never fess up, some fess up under intimidation (in which the fess up is a lie itself), some fess up under intimidation and it is a fess up, some people fess up after they found “God”, etc., etc.

I think what fascinates me is how people come to truth. What is truth for them. That’s my interest.

I think that’s a very, very high class form of schlock.

“why? how did it get that way in the first place? what role did self-responsibility ever play in this person’s life? how can this story be prevented for other people?”

Yeah, those are questions that interest me too. I guess I believe that for kids the age of the people in the Foxy Knoxy story, the emotional die was already cast by the time these people were very young — say 3-6. So what was “reaped” from them at 20 was sown many, many years ago.

Given the huge hormonal surges we human undergo from 13-21, I’m not that interested in the whys or why nots of their behavior. I think I’m just seeing the results of the early parenting.

But I am quite interested in decisions people make after 30, and especially after 40. By then, we’ve lived long enough that: (a) hormonal surges have subsided; and (b) there have been enough of our “bad days” that we can line them up, and notice the consistent patterns in them.

I’m curious about why some people are willing and able to see these patterns in themselves; and why others are not.

One factor I’m noticing is that our ability to notice these patterns in ourselves is aided greatly when we’re in the company of people who already have noticed, or at least who are already open to the idea. Same goes for eating well. Same goes for doing Yoga.

We are deeply social animals.

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