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This is a story about how three different personality types, in a rather unhealthy state, came together to produce a tragedy so horrific that it would not have happened absent the presence of all three. This post uses the Enneagram theory of personality to explain this tragic dynamic.

Trolling YouTube, I came along the following story:

Since I haven’t had TV in my home in over a decade, and since I don’t follow “Entertainment” or “Crime” stories, I hadn’t heard of this murder case before.

But this 5-part “Dateline” video series was kind of interesting to watch. Below, I’m assuming you’ve watched it.

Point of this post is to give my Enneagram interpretation of this one. My basic theory is that this murder occurred only because three different damaged personalities came together on one fateful night. In Enneagram terms, the perps were a Two, a Five, and a Seven, all in unhealthy states.

In names, these three people are Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede. In nationality, an American, an Italian, and an Ivory Coastian, respectively. In gender, female, male, and male. In race, white, white, and black. In occupation, student, student, and drug dealer. In relationship, girlfriend, boyfriend, and drug supplier to both. In age, all between 20 and 24.

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