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Love Will Assimilate the Last Two Minorities

Posted on: December 23, 2008

A few posts ago, I linked Obama and Sarah Palin as the symbols that history will associate with the end of affirmative action.

Now comes Bernie Madoff. I’m now announcing something even more profound: Obama and Madoff will be remembered in history as the symbols for the end of Blackness and Jewishness, respectively, as attributes that separate these groups from the “rest of us”.

It has occurred to me over the past couple of years that America, which is truly an historic melting pot, beyond culture, and untethered from history, still had two persistent minorities (blacks and Jews). Two signs that these  two groups were persistent minorities was the following:

  1. the children of members of these groups would automatically be considered members of the group. And the process for these children to “opt out of the group” was painful (ie. “You mean you’re not one of us anymore?”); and
  2. each group was richly defined by its own specific, ubiquitous language, food, philosophy, habits, etc. — distinct from the polyglot, un-culture, void that is America.

Before Obama, Blacks were already the source of entertainment (i.e. music, sports) in our nation. Now, with Obama, that group is the source of the soon to be greatest POTUS of the past century. This output is extraordinary for a group that comprises only about 10% of the population.

As for Jews, who comprise only about 2% of the population, the influence of that group on the nation is truly astounding. Google about it and be amazed.

Looking at these two groups in this way made me wonder whether the “separateness” of these groups is the source of their respective disproportionate influence on our nation. The idea runs something like: While the rest of us are just floating around randomly and transiently connecting (e.g. “Bowling Alone”), these two groups act in cohesion, and thus much more powerfully. i.e. These two groups have “got game”; the rest of us are “slackers”.

But here’s the kicker of this blog post. I’m starting to get the sense that these two groups will be fully assimilated into America over the next decade, leaving “Blackness” and “Jewishness” as just another pair of quaint, faint echoes of a dead and painful history.

If this is true, what is the dynamic causing this assimilation? To me, the dynamic is obvious. It’s love, baby! That is, America has completely accepted these two groups. We can see that in the fact that we helped Obama defeat the wicked witch in the primary, and gave him a landslide in November. Now we can’t wait for January to start taking orders from this Black Guy.

Race as a divisive issue in America? Get real! We’ve got bigger problems to solve. Together.

How about Jews? The Madoff case is interesting because it’s about a rich Jewish guy who ripped off other rich Jewish people. Accordingly, many Jews are writing about the case. The ADL is freaking out about the case, saying it is generating “anti-Semitism”. These people are still living a 70-year-old nightmare that doesn’t even remotely describe the world we all live in now.

This idea is explained very well by a Huffington Post blogger named Larry Gellman in The Real Lesson for Madoff’s Chosen People.

Gellman argues, and I couldn’t agree more, that America is beyond “isms” — like “anti-Semtism” — and further, that there’s no turning back for this nation. So the younger generation of Jews in America have nothing to “push up against”. No one is pushing them back. So, as Gellman notes, the sharp lines that used to divide Jew from non-Jew in habit, religion, philosophy, food, etc., is fast dissolving.

So when we non-Jews, who never heard of Madoff before a couple of weeks ago, read about that story, and about the all of the investors who were wiped out, we don’t say: “blah, blah, blah, Jewish bankers, blah blah.” Instead, we say: “Join the club. We’re all hurting here.”

I couldn’t be more enthused about this truly singular nation of ours. Imagine if what I am writing is true. That is, that through love and acceptance within this nation, the 500-year-old wounds of Slavery will be finally healed, and the 2000-year vale of tears will finally dry up.

Wow. We should all live to see that day.

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