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A few posts ago, I linked Obama and Sarah Palin as the symbols that history will associate with the end of affirmative action.

Now comes Bernie Madoff. I’m now announcing something even more profound: Obama and Madoff will be remembered in history as the symbols for the end of Blackness and Jewishness, respectively, as attributes that separate these groups from the “rest of us”.

It has occurred to me over the past couple of years that America, which is truly an historic melting pot, beyond culture, and untethered from history, still had two persistent minorities (blacks and Jews). Two signs that theseĀ  two groups were persistent minorities was the following:

  1. the children of members of these groups would automatically be considered members of the group. And the process for these children to “opt out of the group” was painful (ie. “You mean you’re not one of us anymore?”); and
  2. each group was richly defined by its own specific, ubiquitous language, food, philosophy, habits, etc. — distinct from the polyglot, un-culture, void that is America.

Before Obama, Blacks were already the source of entertainment (i.e. music, sports) in our nation. Now, with Obama, that group is the source of the soon to be greatest POTUS of the past century. This output is extraordinary for a group that comprises only about 10% of the population.

As for Jews, who comprise only about 2% of the population, the influence of that group on the nation is truly astounding. Google about it and be amazed.

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