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Teflon Man

Posted on: December 11, 2008

The Blagojevich corruption case is a gift that just keeps on giving when it comes to food for thought. Here’s my next one:

Obama is Teflon Man

At the close of 2008 in America, teflon power is more valuable than the power to be invisible, bend steel bars by hand, read minds, run faster than a steaming locomotive, or fly. Today, telfon power is the uber-power.

This is because in these dark days, when the shit is hitting the proverbial fan, it’s a very, very good thing if none of it can stick to you.

But although the Blagojevich case hints at the darker forces controlling American politics, at bottom, this case is really just about a ring of small-time criminals. It’s a purely local thing. Kind of a “King Rat” dynamic, having little or no repercussions outside the prison camp known as Chicago politics.

As I’ve blogged about, Obama, who was born in the middle of that prison camp, comes out untouched, smelling even better than before. Amazing! It’s Teflon Man!

But that got me thinking even deeper. You see, Obama was only a one-term senator with two years still left on the clock when we voted him in as POTUS. Before that, he was a small-fry Illinois legislator. Before that, a professor.

He moved so fast up the political ladder, he has never even been an incumbent in an election.

“So what?” you say. I say: “That’s the whole ballgame right there!” You see, once we leave the local muck of small-time Chicago politics, and we move up to the national level, we leave behind the petty, local villains, and we now face the twin arch villains of American politics.

Obama’s teflon powers protected him from the local Chicago villains. But no one yet knows whether those powers will protect him from these two arch national villains.

You see, these two villains both exert their nefarious power over our national politicians at the same, single weak point in the political process. Namely, that point is the re-election efforts of a political incumbent.

After a politician’s first term in office, he/she now has a track record. These two villains look closely at this track record, and then decide whether to support the incumbent, leave him/her alone, or knee-cap him/her. They make this decision according to whether their interests are being served by the politician.

Since Obama has never been an incumbent running for re-election, the two arch villains have never had the opportunity to get their hooks into him. Moreover, during this past election, when Obama broke all fundraising records, more than half of this money came in small dribs and drabs from people like you and me. Not from these arch villains.

Pundits talk about Obama as being a “first” in a number of obvious ways. But those pundits are missing the most crucial way in which Obama is the “first”. Come January, Obama will be the first post-WWII president who is a political virgin as far as the two arch villains are concerned.

No one knows how he will handle these diabolical enemies of the state. No one knows whether his teflon power will hold up in Washington. Trust me, I’ll be watching closely.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Who are these two arch national villains that have all of American politics in their grasp?

  1. multinational corporations
  2. AIPAC

3 Responses to "Teflon Man"

Fascinating!!!! I love this stuff. Hate politics, but love the analysis of it. Simply fascinating.

My daughter has a bet with her boyfriend. He believes there will be an assination attempt in the first 6 months Obama takes office. She says no. Well I hope she doesn’t end up getting a tattoo with her boyfriend’s name on her body and goes Galapagoes islands instead!

Thanks Kathy. And re your daughter, I hope your hope comes true.

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