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Hey, Even Jesus Hung Out With the Whores

Posted on: December 10, 2008

In a sign of glorious things to come from Mr. Obama, the most interesting item to come out of that corruption case involving the Illinois governor is the governor’s wiretapped comment about Obama:

“they’re not willing to give me anything except appreciation”

That governor was referring to what the Obama camp was willing to give to the governor in return for the governor appointing Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to Obama’s soon-to-be-vacated Illinois Senate seat. That New York Times article linked to above notes that the Illinois governor cursed Obama with frustration about this “low ball” offer.

This dynamic reminds me of how President Bush and Vice President Cheney reacted immediately on 9/11 upon first learning of the events of that morning.

I bring up those reactions when I argue against the notion that these men knew about 9/11 in advance (i.e. the extreme “9/11 conspiracy” theories).

Do you remember how Bush and Cheney reacted that day? Bush was reading that pet goat story to a classroom of kids in Florida when Andrew Card whispered in his ear, telling him the awful news.

How about Cheney? He hid out in his “underground bunker”, and we didn’t hear from him for awhile.

These were the immediate reactions of these men before they had time to craft their false public images. These immediate reactions gave us a true picture of who they really are. We saw Bush as the addle-brained frat boy that he is, and Cheney as the coward that he is.

In the same way, this governor corruption scandal is confirming what we already suspected about Obama. Namely, that he is a highly intelligent, decent human being.

Yeah, I still think he has a messiah complex. But with 2009 right around the corner, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing at all. We all could stand for a little walking on water in these dark days.

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Peter I wrote you years ago to express my admiration for your series of posts on the People vs. the Corporations series on your other site. At various times, I have tried to get a plug in every one in a while because, quite simply, I think you have ideas that millions should be listening to. I talked to Charles Smith about you as well (including some emails sent today) :

Charles has a series on the ‘End of Work’ :

I pointed out to him that your analysis of the P vs. C dynamic is really going to put the screws to the ‘informal’ business paradigm. And I think this type of conflict is exactly what you predicted would happen back in 2003.

And now I find that you picked the Great Mulatto Hope as our Prez two years ago ! Amazing job, man … just top notch. Don’t want to swell your head too much, but have to say, you are pound for pound the best idea man I have seen on the internet – and almost no one knows it. True shame. A prophet is never honored in his own land, eh ?

Anyways, hang in there, and best of luck.


Thanks for the compliments Matt! Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well.

Strange to be living in these days when many if not most of my “wacky” predictions from back in 2004 have come true. Everyday in the news, it seems more and more people are becoming conscious about the P vs. C dynamic.

Still, I can’t imagine what a full blown conflict would look like. That uncertainty is what makes the future scary.

Glad that we have the “Great Mulatto Hope” to lead this nation as it heads over the cliff. If that guy could get his amazing political life off the ground and flying from the shit house that is Chicago politics (i.e. Daley, Jones, Blagojevich, Rezko, et al), and emerge smelling like a rose covered in Teflon, he’s our only hope for keeping this f&#ked nation together.

As a dyed in the wool independent – I think Obama, if nothing else, is going to be very very interesting to watch. I read his whole platform (of course 🙂 and a bunch of info about how he conducted himself as a professor. What I found, IMO, is that Obama has done a just excellent job of dodging the job of standing in one place and making tough decisions. Not thru character weakness I think, but as a method of survival and a route to success – I would bet he is, as well a ‘P’ on the Myers-Briggs test.

It has worked too well for him 🙂 He has ended up as high as he could ever hope to go, and now, finally he is going to be forced to be ‘The Guy’ who makes Decisions with a captal ‘D’. And he has to do it at what is probably the worst time in US history to be Prez. The center is not holding, and in many ways, I feel sorry for him, because no matter what he does, the die was already cast long ago. The 4T nailed that 10+ years ago.

I think it was interesting to see him come right out and support the Republic Window workers – definitely siding (at least this time) with the ‘People’. As things get tougher and tougher for his administration, it will be enlightening to see how much it takes for him to turn from the carrot to the stick for use in solving the myriad terrible problems he will be faced with. I think if he fails, rightly or wrongly, we will not have another black/mixed or even female Prez for decades to come.

Notice also that this was probably the last election for the Silent generation to get their own President. How interesting that an entire generation is so passed by that none of their own ever get to sit in the top spot. And I would place Obama as a late stage Boomer with a few gen Xer traits thrown in.

One last comment. Again, being out of the political ideology wars, I find it consumately interesting to watch the Dems exhibit the exact same fervor and blindness towards their candidate that he Repubs did with Bush. Their guy can do no wrong it seems. IMO a big part of what is taking place is the education/enlightenment of the People themselves – they need to be squeezed hard enough, to be placed with their backs against the wall so that they have no other choice but to open their eyes to the true reality that politicians/govt are more hindrance than savior. Call it an AP class in Hard Knocks. the People themselves created the situation they now find themselves in thru their own greed and ignorance and just basic stupidity – they are going to have to learn how to save themselves – just like you outlined in the P vs the C. It’s going to be a very very hard lesson to learn (and forgotten in 80 more years to be repeated all over again LOL).

One last little note. As a trader, I have found that if you overlay the chart of the fall of 2008 and the fall of 1929, they match up frighteningly well – the timing appears to be a bit off but the numbers in terms of percentages stack up almost perfectly. If this continues, then we can expect to see a big rally over the next few months (I am calling it the Obama Pop) and when the bloom falls from the rose, next Spring we fall for the next 2+ years. If we truly continue to repeat you can figure the DOW will be at roughly 1500 or so in the summer of 2011 and that should be the bottom. Hard to believe ? We’re down 50+% from the peak in the stock market. That’s exactly where the ‘first’ bottom was in 1929 as well.

Anyways, enough rambling for now.


Wow! Great comment Matt. Where to begin with a response?

Dow at 1500. That’s what I’ve been telling people too. Actually, I’ve been using 1400 (10% of the peak — same as the 1932 trough). I bet with my brother-in law that the Dow would fall under 5000 within 2 years. He also bet me that Obama wouldn’t win. He should have learned. 🙂

I think you pegged Obama perfectly. He’s a vacillator, a political animal. I’ve even called him a “whore” — more specifically, “our whore” — especially over his FISA flip of June.

Actually, when he did that clumsy “lurch to middle” in late June, I was bummed out enough to go back deep into the history. My question was: Before their great struggles, did Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt seem ambivalent? In all three cases, the answer turned out to be a solid “yes!”.

That is, before the Revolution, Washington was no Boston Tea Party radical. Before the Civil War, Lincoln was not an abolitionist. Before the Depression/WWII, Roosevelt was no champion of labor.

But in their respective crises, each of these men rose to his respective historical calling, and answered it in historical manner. I expect no less from your Great Mullato Hope.

Yeah!! There are some new blogs on this site again. I kept checking and nothing since the November election. And now a slew of them. Personally, I find politics dismally boring, but I find reading this stuff and this Matt guys stuff – i.e. commentary on politics – quite fascinating.

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