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For the Money Has Gone Too Far

Posted on: December 10, 2008

I was reading the latest New York Times piece on the Blagojevich case. Man, the closer you look at that case, the more interesting it becomes. One theme of this latest article I read was the notion that this “scandal” “could not have come at a worse time” for Obama.

I disagree! As I’ve blogged about today, in this corruption case, Obama comes away looking even cleaner than before. You can’t do any better than when the defendant is recorded as being pissed with you because you won’t go along with his criminal schemes.

But I think this case could not come at a better time for this nation. Obama didn’t need the extra scrubbing of himself that this case will provide him. He’s beyond all that.

No. This case is important to this nation. It comes down to the tagline of this entire blog: “… for the money has gone too far”. That tagline is mostly about how our waking life in America is dominated by multinational corporations “who” couldn’t give a shit whether we live or die so long as we pay them.

One side effect of this is that these corporations own the government. The entire government is a “pay for play” system.

This Blagojevich case is about one man — a governor — treating his entire job as playing the role of “payee” in a statewide “pay for play” system. What he did last month concerning the Obama Senate seat — all recorded under wiretap — is astonishing because it was well known he was being investigated by the FBI.

I mean, read the bloody Indictment, man:

The Indictment tells the story of a guy committing high crimes. That’s not so surprising. What so surprising is that he seems so sure he can get away with it. He behaves as if his behavior is entirely normal and justified.

Read paragraph 116 in particular. The Indictment notes that Blagojevich was seriously considering appointing himself to Obama’s Senate seat. Among the reasons for doing so was to “make corporate contact that would be of value to him after leaving public office”.

That’s it right there! The corporations own the government. The chief reason to become a Senator is that the corporations will make you rich. At least, that’s the path for everybody except our favorite Black Guy who went straight to the White House without passing “Go”.

Hopefully, this is the case when a U.S. governor stands up in court and in front of the national media and says what it so obvious to all of us, but what is not being said by anybody: The entire government is  a corporate subsidiary.

for the money has gone too far

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