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The following is a reprise of a thought I weaved into a blog post a couple of months ago. That thought is the following: “Barack Obama and Sarah Palin” is a Jeopardy clue. What is the question?

Here’s what I think the question will be: “Who are the two people credited by history with ending the necessary but distasteful period in American history known as ‘affirmative action’?”

Barack Obama will end affirmative action because everybody is treating him as a Black Guy. Nevermind that he’s actually a Coconut. People (like the New York Times) say he’s a Black Guy, so that’s what he is as far as history is concerned.

Well, I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Obama is the most attractive American politician over the past 40+ years, and maybe even 80 years. What does Jesus need with affirmative action? I mean, the guy already walks on water — what else does he need already?

Well, if Obama shouldn’t receive affirmative action because he don’t need no stinkin’ affirmative action to kick your ass, then no Black Guy should.

The Sarah Palin argument is opposite, but analogous.

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Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy and all about last night. But, unlike my wife, who believed such a day would never come in America and thus was overcome by the proceedings, I was stirred only a little. As you may know, I predicted last night’s results two years ago.

So I was fully expecting what happened. And since happiness is (IMHO) simply the gap between what we expect and what we believe we already have, I’m feeling pleased this morning, but not surprised, and perhaps even a little bit nervous. On that last sentiment, consider the following ….

Compare these next four images:

1789 Election

1932 Election
2008 Election

2008 Election

As you can probably tell, these are the electoral maps from the U.S. presidential elections of 1789, 1860, 1932, and 2008. Notice any interesting patterns amongst these four images?

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