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Get Ready for Our Next October Surprise

Posted on: September 6, 2008

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The pick of the moron Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP — in the face of McCain’s own VP choice of Joe Lieberman — was so bold, crass, and venal, that it all but ensures an October Surprise this year. The idea is that if “they” are willing to risk they nation by putting a rank moron in the batter-up position this year, “they” are certainly going to pull another October Surprise.

My business partner brought this idea up in our walk today. The instant he said it, I realized that if there was any year in which you could bet your left nut that we’ll have one of these, 2008 is it.

But here’s the thing about surprises: if we expect them, then they’re not surprises. Instead, if we expect them, and they happen, they tell us something else entirely.

So pass it on. Expect an October Surprise this year. Get this idea blogged about.

Wait! Having said that, I just searched “October Suprise” in Google News and realized that this idea is well engaged.

Well, let’s get this idea on everybody’s lips just in case anyone hasn’t thought of it yet.

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