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The pick of the moron Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP — in the face of McCain’s own VP choice of Joe Lieberman — was so bold, crass, and venal, that it all but ensures an October Surprise this year. The idea is that if “they” are willing to risk they nation by putting a rank moron in the batter-up position this year, “they” are certainly going to pull another October Surprise.

My business partner brought this idea up in our walk today. The instant he said it, I realized that if there was any year in which you could bet your left nut that we’ll have one of these, 2008 is it.

But here’s the thing about surprises: if we expect them, then they’re not surprises. Instead, if we expect them, and they happen, they tell us something else entirely.

So pass it on. Expect an October Surprise this year. Get this idea blogged about.

Wait! Having said that, I just searched “October Suprise” in Google News and realized that this idea is well engaged.

Well, let’s get this idea on everybody’s lips just in case anyone hasn’t thought of it yet.

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My business partner and I we’re discussing how the Obama campaign should approach Sarah Palin. He argued that the approach should not be to criticize her personally, but rather to attack her policies. His concern was that attacking Palin personally would play directly into the strategy of the people who put in her in this position.

The idea is that Palin is like an 8-year-old child who muslim fanatics place in front of a mosque from which they position snipers to shoot at us. When we shoot back at the mosque, and we hit the child, we’re accused of being baby killers.

Measured by her intelligence, Palin is an 8-year-old child. And a girl at that. Her handlers are just dying for Obama and/or Biden to take the bait, and let loose on her, and say what they really think of her.

I agree with my partner that attacking Palin directly and personally would be disasterous. But at the same, I don’t believe the approach to her should be to attack “her” positions.

The quote marks around the word “her” in the previous sentence hints at my strategy. I say the Obama/Biden strategy should be the following:

Ignore Palin. But if you feel compelled to address something she has said, say “Bush’s advisers say [blah, blah, blah]. We disagree. We think [blah, blah, blah] .”

After a few iterations of that, it will be clear what Obama/Biden are really saying about Palin. Namely, they will be saying that she’s a moron who can’t even be treated as if she has the capacity to hold positions. But of course, they wouldn’t say that out loud. Instead, they what they would be saying out loud we be something more benign.

And they could get away with that because Palin’s handlers are opening the door for this approach by keeping her away from the critical media. This approach would dovetail with this decision of Palin’s handlers. In effect, both sides would be saying (with their feet, not their mouths) the same thing about Palin — i.e. she is a moron who can’t trusted to speak her own mind.

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We Americans don’t do subtlety. I mean, when the most interesting aspect about a phenomenon is a thing that is missing, we seem to have trouble understanding that. I could go on to give multiple examples. But here is a current glaring one:

Tomorrow morning is Sunday morning. In America, Sunday morning is the morning for the grand old political news shows (e.g. “Face the Nation”, “Meet the Press”, etc.).

Tomorrow, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden will each subject himself to one of these Sunday morning programs.

That’s the whole story right there.

Anybody else find that story interesting? Any of you find that this story confirms what you’d already been thinking?

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