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USA Basketball: The Allegory is Looking Up

Posted on: August 18, 2008

Two years ago, I posted Greece Beats the US: A Perfect Allegory for Duck & Gather. That post mentioned that, in the semi-finals of the 2006 World Basketball Championships, the Greek national team beat the U.S.

I argued that this defeat of the U.S. served as a nice allegory for America’s dark future. Basically, my argument runs that we Americans are by far the most talented and extraordinary nation the world has known (I’m not just talking basketball here). But we are headed for an epochal collapse — one that may well cost us our world empire and even threaten our very survival.

The punch line of all this: We’re doing it to our ourselves! That is, we Americans are the authors of our own impending collapse. I won’t bother going into peak oil, obesity, the wacky weather, crushing consumer debt, or any other of the glaring signs of the coming apocalypse. Instead, let’s talk basketball.

Three fundamental requirements of that game are: (1) individual defense; (2) team defense; and (3) passing the ball. If you don’t understand basketball, don’t worry what these mean. Just understand that these activities are crucial to the success of any basketball team, not just an all-star team like the US national team.

In 2006, the US team did not honor the game. They shirked these three fundamental requirements. What’s amazing is that, despite this, they almost won the world championship. I mean, they violated the game itself, and yet came close to defeating all comers. How horrible it would have been for the game of basketball had they won in 2006.

Fast forward two years. As I write, the Beijing Olympics are in full swing. The basketball preliminary rounds are ending today. The medal round begins the day after tomorrow. How is the US team doing this time?

In a word, it’s over. No one can touch us. We are honoring the fundamentals of the game, and thus revealing to the world the extraordinary power of our nation.

I realize you may be saying: 12 African American millionaires blowing out other teams in basketball says nothing about the American main street.

I disagree. Sports is allegory. I see the sporting world as a harbinger of things to come. And reading the tea leaves of the US basketball team’s performance in Beijing, the signs are the following: after the coming chaos, we will enter a time in which we Americans will live in harmony with nature and the world, honoring our bodies and each other, and paying homage to prudence.

I see all of that, from some basketball games. If you have a couple of hours, we can go for a walk and I’ll explain how this allegory is even more powerful the closer you look at it. πŸ™‚

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Now this is the way I try to tell my mother life should be interpreted! Somehow, she still refuses to listen… πŸ™‚


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