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“People vs. Corporations”: An Emergent Meme

Posted on: July 21, 2008

Five years ago this December, I wrote an essay entitled The Fourth Turning predicts People vs. Corporations. That essay served as the start of this Duck and Gather blog.

Back at close of 2003, when I posted that essay, a Google search for “people vs. corporations” returned little on that theme. But try searching for “people vs. corporations” today.

You’ll find many pages of on-point websites. Some seem to have been inspired by my writings. But the vast majority seem not to have been. For example, check out this fascinating “Historical Scorecard” of People vs. Corporations. What a clever and fresh take. Here’s a two-part YouTube video from November 2007 on the issue:

(Here is part two.)

To me, this clearly shows a significant growth in public consciousness of this notion — maybe the start of a debunkable “hundredth monkey” sort of thing. 🙂 Indeed, the presidential campaign of John Edwards seemed centered directly on this schism. And, at times, Obama has seemed at least “Edwards-lite” on the issue.

Still, even with all that, it seems hard to imagine that this People vs. Corporations meme will emerge front and center in the minds of most Americans — as did 9/11, Katrina, and Cho. But that’s where my reading of history leads. And I’ve seen nothing these past five years to contradict that prediction.

And yet, on this warm July evening, in 2008, such thoughts just seem like fantasy. Like a mere nightmare, to be cured by the light of morning.

Here’s hoping.

2 Responses to "“People vs. Corporations”: An Emergent Meme"

I read your article about 3-4 years ago. Great stuff, as are most of your posts.

The whole Fourth Turning thing hit a nerve with me and I’ve been kind of waiting for the proverbial shit to hit the fan for years now. What really has blown me away is that for the most part nothing of this nature (Crisis) has really materialized.

The rubber band continues to stretch, but it never breaks. Time will tell, but in the meantime, keep up the good work.

Thanks Steve. Good analogy re the rubber band stretching but not breaking yet. These current days feel like that.

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