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It’s the Bankrupt Economy, Stupid

Posted on: July 7, 2008

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Looks like the Obama campaign listened to the recommendation of my prior blog post entitled
Obama Strategy: Issues that Unite = Win; Issues that Divide = Lose. 🙂

That is, this morning, the Obama camp finally broke their 3 week long attempt at blowing up a magical campaign. They came close to that by having Obama wade neck deep into America’s intractable divisive issues in a clumsy attempt to color him conservative. I’m still waiting for news of some disembodied heads flying out of that campaign office (maybe the head of that “genius” Plouffe who is credited with the “brilliant” Obama campaign strategy.)

Anyway, it looks like McCain’s staff are the ones forcing Obama to do the right thing. Check out today’s piece in the New York Times about the shift of both candidates this morning toward focusing on the failing economy: Focus on Economy Poses Problems for Candidates.

That piece contains the following gem:

“We are going to spend the rest of the summer talking about jobs, energy and health care,” said Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Mr. McCain. He said Mr. McCain would prefer that the campaign focus on national security, given his credentials in that area, “but that’s just not the way the world works.” [emphasis added]

Holy game over, Batman! Why bother with the next four months? Why not just concede the election now to Obama and save all of us the wall-to-wall political news coverage through November 8?

Not only does Obama have the vastly better story on the economy — in both substance and style. But he is absolutely pathetic when he tries to perform the conservative song & dance shuffle on the divisive issues.

How lucky can Axelrod and Plouffe get? They’re like Phil Jackson “coaching” Michael Jordan, and Shaq & Kobe to multiple NBA championships and being declared a coaching “genius”.

When you, the coach, gets players like that, or gets a politician in 2008 like Obama, you can only f**k it up. You can’t win it. He’ll win it for you. But in the last three weeks, Obama’s campaign staff were doing their damn best to lose it by messing with Obama’s game. Over-coaching.

They were so bad, they elicited comical apologies from commentators of questionable intelligence. See, e.g.:

Anyway, it’s all over now. The fat lady is warming up. She’ll be singing anytime now.

But we did learn a couple of things from these last three weeks spent “in the weeds”:

  • Obama confirmed my theory of his Messiah complex. That is, over these past three weeks, he confirmed that he is much more interested in being anointed President than he is in holding to his values. (But hey, who am I to judge? Maybe if any of us walked in those shoes, we’d act the same. Yet still …)
  • The pundits really sorted themselves out during these 3 weeks. I mean, we now know for certain who to bother reading/watching, and who to ignore.

I’m glad to say that my landslide prediction is back on as of this morning.

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