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Obama as Gorbachev (1 of 3): Disappointment

Posted on: July 4, 2008

I’m disappointed in Obama. Looks like I’m not the only one. Check out Keith Olbermann grasping to hold on to his view of Obama as a human meriting respect:

That video was about Obama’s recent reversal of his position on the FISA legislation. That surprising reversal was just one among many that Obama made in the last two weeks of June.

The pattern in these reversals reveals Obama’s “move to the center” after vanquishing Hillary. Obviously, I’m not the only person disappointed in Obama. Check out Arianna Huffington venting her spleen:

I suspect the gist of our collective disappointment is captured in a comment I made on an earlier post of mine from back in January: All Hail the Messiah Obama (3 of 4): Messiah. In that post, among other thoughts, I argued that Obama was human, whereas Hillary was an avatar. Explaining further in the comments of that post, I wrote:

“Clintonism” means “to believe in nothing, to commit to nothing, to seek only power for its own sake, and to do it by any means necessary.”

Well now. After these last two weeks, the formerly stark difference between avatar Hillary and, gulp, avatar-lite Obama has been reduced to:

  • at least he is a much better speaker
  • at least he’s younger and less experienced, so although he’s a corrupt politician too, he at least still retains some measure of humanity

I realize this post might sound a bit harsh to you. If so, you need to understand just what Obama has done these past couple of weeks. He has not just “moved to the center after the primaries” as all presidential politicians do. No. He’s done more than that.

He has repudiated the very principles on which he stood firm during the past couple of years of his ascent. It’s an astonishing twist in the plot because, during the primaries, Hillary’s minions searched high and low for some “dirt” to throw at Obama. But they found little, and what they did find just wouldn’t stick.

So it seemed that after having survived the interminable primary process, Obama would turn out, after all, to be human. You know, kind of like you or me. Could it be possible? Were we watching history in the making?

I guess not. Two weeks after clinching, in mid June, the true Obama started revealing himself. What’s amazing is that he had no need to do that. He didn’t need to flip his positions. Read Huffington’s pieces.

He had no need to repudiate his principles. But he did. So what we’re left is a great orator who is just as useless as the rest of them.

But, of course, not as useless as the progeny of the antichrist. So if you’re wondering, yes, I will be voting for Obama come November.

But is that it? Is that all there is to political life for me? To vote for yet another unprincipled damaged whore just because the other guy is worse?

Yet maybe American politics has always been that way … Continue >>

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