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DIO = “Do It Ourselves”. This the third of a three-post series. In the first post of the series, I explain that I was disappointed to learn, these past couple of days, that Obama is an unprincipled pandering politician, rather than the human I thought he was. In the second post, I somewhat rehabilitate my view of Obama by noting that we are still in pre-crisis days, and that all the great U.S. presidents (Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt) were similarly more or less ambivalent to the historical imperative in their respective pre-crisis days.

But this isn’t 1772, nor 1859, nor 1928. This is July of 2008. Today, information moves instantly. There are no secrets. And everyone with a keyboard is a publisher.

So even if Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt were pandering politicians before their call to history, how many people knew that? Maybe a few insiders knew. But certainly not the whole nation by any stretch.

Today? Anyone with a pulse and an interest can know anything about a public figure, the instant that information is available.

This news about “Obama-the-panderer” is out. There’s no putting that cat back into the bag now.

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In the first post of this series, I explained my disappointment in learning that Obama is nothing more than a pandering politician. But then I wondered whether I was just being naive. Perhaps the phrase “pandering politician” is a redundancy. Maybe what it means to be a politician is to be a panderer. And maybe this is how it has always been.

In late 2006, I predicted that Obama would win the presidency. I still believe that, although I’m not anymore quite so bullish as to be calling for a landslide.

My reasoning for that prediction was based on Obama’s personality type, my belief that America is headed for an epochal crisis, and the personality types of the presidents during the last three major American crises (i.e. Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt). For those reasons I still believe Obama will win this fall.

But the revelation these past couple of weeks that Obama is just another pandering politician of vacuous principles got me wondering: Would that have described Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt too?

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I’m disappointed in Obama. Looks like I’m not the only one. Check out Keith Olbermann grasping to hold on to his view of Obama as a human meriting respect:

That video was about Obama’s recent reversal of his position on the FISA legislation. That surprising reversal was just one among many that Obama made in the last two weeks of June.

The pattern in these reversals reveals Obama’s “move to the center” after vanquishing Hillary. Obviously, I’m not the only person disappointed in Obama. Check out Arianna Huffington venting her spleen:

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