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… Obama’s screw-up these past couple weeks (see the previous post) is a result of his campaign merging with Hillary’s? I don’t mean to “blame the witch again” with this post. But the idea bears consideration.

One thing Obama said he would do as president would be to appoint to leadership positions in Government the very people against whom he ran in the primaries and election. A sort of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” approach.

Well, I’ll bet that if I looked, I’d find that some formerly Hillary people have found their way to the ear of Obama these past couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong. Obama is still saying this shit. And Alexrod is still defending the indefensible.

But I’m wondering whether the centrist Clinton machine is having some effect on the Obama campaign, thereby bringing that soaring bird crashing back down to Earth.

Boy, would that be ugly or what?

After what Obama has been doing since I posted my Landslide prediction two weeks ago, I might just have to downgrade that one. Read Ariana Huffington’s piece of June 30 entitled Memo to Obama: Moving to the Middle is for Losers. It’s a well-written article. I highly recommend it.

IMHO, Obama got to where he is for two reasons: (1) deeply held core principles; and (2) his charisma in expounding these principles.

But it now seems that, having finally killed off the wicked witch, Obama is going out of his way to alienate the very core that supported him in the first place. Among the laundry list of topics on which Obama has lurched to the right, the one that has caught my attention is his awkward embrace of big corporations (e.g. supporting the FISA bill, and supporting McCain’s proposal to lower the already low corporate taxes).

As I have blogged, the sole substantive distinction Obama drew between himself and Hillary concerned her embrace of big corporations. And in his economic speech given shortly after he clinched, Obama drove home this anti-corporate position of his.

But evidently, two weeks ago, his “handlers” got to him.

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WARNING: This post has pretty much nothing to do with Duck and Gather. Well, except maybe there’s a tangential correlation between how big corporations see us humans as inanimate, fungible, objects. But, OK, that’s a reach.

Anyway, over the last two days, an NBA basketball player named Baron Davis switched teams — going from Oakland (Warriors) to Los Angeles (Clippers). It was Davis’ choice to make that move. He was scheduled to be paid something like $18 million next year by the Warriors. But he chose to walk away from that, and instead signed with the Clippers for $65 million over 5 years.

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