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Affirmative Action is Dead

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Two interesting stories of late. First, Obama’s Father’s Day rant telling absentee black dads to grow a responsibility bone:

Second, try a Google search for “obama monkey”. You’ll find a cottage industry of people trying to make a buck off of Obama’s popularity, and the historical white person’s negative association comparing black people to monkeys.

Why is this latter drivel interesting? Just a bunch of retro-racists who didn’t get the diversity memo over the past 40 years.

Not quite. I mean, from I what I can tell, these people certainly seem to be garden-variety racists. But at the same time, they seem desperate not to be seen as such. I mean, to a person, they seem to deny any racist intent, even though this intent is obvious. Watch this short video to see what I mean:

In the first sighting of the owner in this video, the fellow says to the protesters, in one of those made-for-TV southern drawls: “Need to get your **bleep** off my parking lot, is what you need to do, just about now”. But then when the reporter interviews him, he insists he meant no offense in selling obama-as-monkey t-shirts to his patrons.

Here’s another example: a Utah couple just pulled their plans to sell an obama-as-monkey sock doll. That link is a letter from the wife. It’s her attempt at wit.

But nobody just comes out and says what they really think or feel. I suspect that such people believe that if they said what they really think, they would be branded and marginalized, and so anybody buying from them would risk the same fate, thus killing their business. But instead, if these racists just don’t come out and say it, then like-minded folks will feel comfortable buying from them.

I realize the above may seem quite ugly to some of you. But think of the progress, man! Here are hard-bitten racists who will go to their graves with their misguided, historical dead-end notions. Yet they feel they can’t even just come out and say what they really think.

They seem for all the world like 10-year-old misbehaving school children who, when called upon by the cross teacher to explain their miscreant behavior, they deny the behavior, in but in a cheeky way enabling their friends to know what they’re really saying. These are the same kinds of people who, 40 years ago, were burning crosses on lawns, dragging people from their homes and lynching them, setting fires to churches with people inside, and so on. Yet, the “best” they can do today is come out with a silly t-shirt or a puppet, and then wryly deny any racist intent. That’s progress, people!

I realize that’s a far cry from the glorious future in which no one will even harbor such vile thoughts. But at this point in 2008, 40 years from the dark days of April 4, 1968, and how many years before that glorious future, the direction of the tide of history is undeniable.

We’ve won! When the racists don’t even feel comfortable to say what they really mean, that can signify only one thing: The fat lady has sung! The game is over! We’ve won!

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