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Postscript: Just got back from my father-in-law’s after watching Game 4. Wonderful game. No reffing issues. Just performances, and lack thereof, from the players. Glad that the game overshadowed the criminal Mr. Stern.
Reading various comments and articles on the former NBA ref Tim Donaghy situation is a study in the infantile mind of the American sportsman. We sports fans and sportswriters seem utterly incapable of countenancing subtlety, ambiguity, or conflict in motive. The main points of view being expressed on this matter fall into one of two extremes: (1) Donaghy is telling the literal truth when he says the NBA has been “fixing” NBA playoff games by “instructing” its refs to determine the outcome; or (2) Donaghy is a complete liar and there is nothing remotely close to such “fixing” going on.

The latter point of view makes the obvious argument that if such a conspiracy did exist for the past decade or so, one would have expected a “whistle-blower” to have emerged long before now. I agree with this “strawman” argument. I call it a strawman argument because it addresses extreme point of view #1 — a point of view that seems all but impossible to hold water.

This is where we come to the “in between” part. The grey middle between the two extremes. The ambiguous zone. In this uncomfortable zone, we observe that American social consciousness changes fluidly over time, whereas the profit motives and actions of corporations, once begun, don’t easily stop. It is within this tension between the fluidity of us humans, and the rigidity of the corporations, that this tawdry story of Tim Donaghy reaches clarity, if not satisfaction. In other words, the odds of a garden-variety sports fan reading beyond this point are slim to none.

With that, let’s begin the walk …

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