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Almost a year ago, I posted a hastily written essay entitled “Mr. Donaghy was Doing a Good Job“. The thesis of that essay was that Tim Donaghy, a former NBA referee arrested (and now convicted) of fixing NBA games on behalf of the mob, was anything but a simple case of a “rogue employee”. Instead, I argued, Mr. Donaghy’s criminal behavior was only a few degrees more egregious in comparison with the non-criminal but deplorable behavior of his fellow referees and of his employers (the NBA). My notion was that Mr. Donaghy is merely the most noticeable symptom of a systemically diseased body (the NBA).

The above theory of mine arose from two underlying beliefs of mine:

  1. “the money has gone too far” — this is the tag line of my site
  2. truly sociopathic humans are rare, and where they do exist, they don’t practice their sociopathic behavior in the day-to-day course of their regular lives in concert with otherwise “normal” people

The first point above says simply that when any of us places too high a value on money, this warps our lives and drives us into unhealthy behaviors. And since old corporations are nothing but machines for making money, anti-human anomalies are common with them, and easy to spot. The NBA, like Exxon, like Pfizer, like Lockheed Martin, is an old corporation. Accordingly, one would expect to find behavior of that organization contrary to the interests of us humans.

The second point says that Mr. Donaghy’s behavior was sociopathic. He placed his self interest above the interests of the entire sporting fan population. One asshole like that can leave a sour taste in the mouths of sports fans nationwide for a decade. Pretty astonishing behavior for one man.

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