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My Alter-Ago on Health

Posted on: February 19, 2008

So I was surfing for stories on Steven Kazmierczak and SSRIs when I came across Illinois Shooter was Treated with Psych Meds Prior to Shooting Rampage written by some fellow named Mike Adams. Finding myself agreeing with upwards of 90% of the “far out” things Mr. Adams says in that piece, I figured I’d try surfing to learn more about the author.

Since I launched this blog in late 2004, whenever I have come across someone espousing the sort of off-the-wall ideas about which I write and speak here, almost invariably that person turns out to seem sort of weird.

Of course, when just about everybody who agrees with your own unconventional ideas is weird, than can mean only one thing about you: You are weird. And indeed I am. Just ask my wife.

Anyway, weird me goes looking to find out a little about Mike Adams. Turns out, he’s the self-proclaimed Health Ranger. He looks to be a fellow in supreme health, quite pleased with himself about that, and eager to share his good news.

I ask myself: Who does that sound like? It sounds like me! Mike being Mike, he starts up his Health Ranger business. Me being me, I start up Holonation.

Finally, check out his Health Tips. That’s my life right there.

Kind of interesting that this fellow has pretty much the same unconventional approach to health as I do, and also seems to harbor some of the the same unconventional thoughts about Steven Kazmierczak and even the coming collapse of America. Gotta love the web.

2 Responses to "My Alter-Ago on Health"

Get to learn a little more about Mike Adams… Mr. Adams’ is using this forum, the Internet, to play upon people’s fears and offer false solutions for his own profit. He has a long history of this activity. For instance, look at . Back in 1998 and 1999, Mr. Adams promoted the idea of the Y2K doomsday and profited handsomely. In the run up to Y2K, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling fear and survival gear (through sites like Mr. Adams is now using health, illness, topics like bird flu, etc., to perpetuate fear, false solutions and profit. In the end, Mr. Adams was wrong about Y2K and his health advise is just as risky.

Thanks. Interesting stuff. Are you sure that’s the same Mike Adams? Consulting Mr. Google for “mike adams” brings up a slew of these fellows.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same guy.

And if so, even if he was wrong about Y2K, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t 8-10 years early. Have you noticed the price of crude oil lately? Looked at the price of gold? Read anything about what’s going on right now in the financial sector concerning debt? Checked the CDC about the latest state of the health of Americans?

Perhaps if you did all that, instead of getting your news from TV, you might turn into Chicken Little too.

One theme in your comment that I agree with is that as America starts collapsing, the shysters will be crawling out of every corner. Mike “Health Ranger” Adams might be one of them, I don’t know.

But even shysters can sometimes call it right on the money. And what I read from this guy about SSRIs and health practices sure correlated with what I’ve come to understand.

Maybe the difference between he and I is that I don’t care to make a buck off of this information, but he does. True, money is a reason to doubt a statement (e.g. are you ever influenced by any ads?). But it doesn’t necessarily mean every such statement is false.

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