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All Hail the Messiah Obama (2 of 4): We the Children

Posted on: January 9, 2008

Toward the end of Part 1 of this series, I wrote:

[My belief that Mr. Obama sees himself as the messiah] “turns me off” him as man, yet makes me passionately favor him for U.S. president.

Reading closely into that last sentence, you might notice that I am drawing a distinction between myself on the one side, and the bulk of the American population on the other.

When I’ve said over and again that “I love America”, what it is that I love is the ideal of America, the meaning of that ideal, and the historical, eternal singularity that underlies this meaning. As for the American people, I love us no more and no less than I love any other people in the world.

The ideal of freedom is why I love America better than I love any other nation-state today, and better than I love any historical nation-state about which I have read. Indeed, the only better nation-state than America that I can imagine is no nation-state at all.

But my imagination is an illusion. Anarchy can never succeed on this Earth. Functional anarchy requires one impossible precondition. Namely: a self-reliant, self-responsible citizenry.

Hunter-gatherer clans by definition satisfied this precondition, or they perished. But in this post-modern world of ours, the hunter-gatherer life is a vanished, impossible dream (or, for many, a nightmare).

In our post-modern oil-enabled life, profound personal irresponsibility is the fat middle of the bell curve of our existence. In Europe and Asia and pretty much everywhere but America, this personal irresponsibility takes the form of blindly following the norms and taboos of your own culture.

In America, there is no such culture. And into the vacuum created by this cultural absence have rushed the corporations that, as John Edwards explains, are deadening our minds and wasting our bodies. Where the rest of the world’s population blindly follows cultural norms and taboos, we Americans blindly follow the corporate-defined norms and taboos.

Because of this, we Americans are the fattest nation in the history of mankind. We exhibit unprecedented rates of degenerative disease — in the children!, for the love of god. We experience a depth and breadth of social pathology (e.g. serial murder, kids who kill, going postal, abortion as birth control, eating distorders, ADHD, etc.) unrecorded in history.

Follow the cultural strictures of your non-American country, and you may find yourself wearing black and overdressing on a balmy November day. Follow the corporate-defined “good life” in America, and you may well find yourself fat, diseased, and dancing with insanity.

We post-modern humans are children. We can’t seem to think for ourselves.

Other nations have cultures to keep the children in line and out of harm’s way.

We, the lonely, the lost, the abandoned children of America enjoy no such luxury. We children need a messiah to lead us out of this dessicated wasteland of ours.

And look! Here he comes. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

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