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All Hail the Messiah Obama (1 of 4): Booyah

Posted on: January 9, 2008

With a title like that for this posting, you might be wondering: Is he pro-Obama or anti-Obama? If so, I would answer your question with another question: Do you mean concerning Obama personally as a man, or Obama for U.S. president?

Let’s start with the second question: Do I favor Obama for U.S. president? I’ll answer this way:

I moved to this country from Canada almost 20 years ago, in the summer of 1988. In 20 years, I have never seen a national U.S. political candidate for whom I would have cared to vote. (I would have cared to vote for Bill Bradley back in 2000 had he won the nomination, and for Matt Gonzalez for San Francisco mayor in 2003 — had I been a citizen and a San Francisco resident).

Next week is my citizenship interview. After 20 years here, with an American wife and child, it would seem about time I took this step. But as I’ve written and spoken on this site, my love for America goes way beyond my family circumstances. To my mind, in all the millennia of written history, this nation is a singular one — and the only one with which my personal identity is intertwined (i.e. “America” means “freedom”, and I am free).

As I have blogged, predicted, and podcasted for the past four years, I hold the firm belief that this blessed country of ours is “off the rails” and headed for an epochal crash. I am apprehensive about the degree of horror that will be visited upon this nation. At times, I wonder if America will survive it.

Mr. Obama is the single phenomenon I have seen over the past four years that I believe could have the effect of softening the blow of this coming crash, lessening the horrors that await us, and bringing us through the dark days ahead.

Should I be granted citizenship next week, one of my first acts will be to figure out what I could do to help propel Obama’s candidacy. And if he wins the nomination, you can be sure I will vote for him come November.

So on the question — do I favor Obama for U.S. president — my answer is pithy and clear: Hell, f#&%ing, yes.

In my next breath, I’ll say: I don’t much care for the man himself. As I discussed last year, and as I will be explaining in more detail in the next posting, Mr. Obama seems to fancy himself as the messiah.

That belief of mine “turns me off” him as man, yet makes me passionately favor him for U.S. president.

Strange, huh? Read on.

5 Responses to "All Hail the Messiah Obama (1 of 4): Booyah"

Wow!! Getting your US citizenship finally. Traitor!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

Yeah, around 2000, after over a decade living in America, I was sort ambivalent about the place. My feelings about America back then are captured by paraphrasing Churchill’s comment about democracy as a system of government: “America may be a lousy country, but it’s better than every other country we know of.” That was what I felt about America up until 9/11, and sort of up until around the darkest days of the Bush administration in 2003 when they pushed the nation into war in Iraq. Around that time, I participated in the first and only protest march of my life: the San Francisco anti-war parade just before bombing started. From that moment through today, my consciousness about America and its role in world history has expanded, bringing me all the way from ambivalence to the following current sentiment: “Please let me in (or let me stay)! I love this place!” Think about it: the country has been run by neo-wanna-be fascists for the last 8 years and bloggers like me are a dime a dozen. This place is so free it can be lonely for most. I love it.

That sure is a positive attitude, when most of the rest of the world have 2 sentiments about America: 1) a bully country that they would never live in, or 2) a land of milk and honey that appeals to many nations who experience poverty.

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