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9/11 and Reactionary Judaism (4 of 4): Whither America?

Posted on: July 30, 2007

This blog posting series concerns the story about foreknowledge of the 9/11 events among certain Israelis, and how I am troubled by the story. One way that I am troubled concerns the wall of silence that the American Media has erected to block out this story these last six years. But I am even more troubled at the prospect of what might happen should this story finally break through this wall, and thereby enter American public consciousness.

It has been over sixty years since men who harbored thinly-veiled Jew-animus — like Charles Lindbergh and Joe Kennedy — held positions of respect in the top echelons of American society. But over these past sixty years, America has undergone profound revolutions leading to our collective understanding of the fallacy of ethnic collectivization.

If this story emerges, will America revisit pogroms? No way. Not in this America.

Will America withdraw its support for Israel? No way. Not in this America.

Will “anti-Semitism” re-achieve respectability? No way. Not in this America.

What I do see happening, though, are mortal blows struck against the Corporate Media, and against the current power structures of the two major political parties. In other words, I could see the emergence of this story starting the process of dissolving great American institutions that were born during the last great war, and which seem all but permanent today.

If that happened, that would fulfill the prophecies of Strauss & Howe in their book The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy. Interestingly enough, if this is how the Third Turning does becomes Fourth, Strauss & Howe will not have guessed it as one of their Fourth Turning “scenarios”.

But of course, if great institutions built up over sixty years do begin to crumble and collapse before our eyes, much pain will be visited upon this nation. However, I just don’t believe that that pain will ride the ghost train of inter-ethnic tension.

I believe America is so far beyond that sort of ancient animus that one of the best side effects of this story emerging will be that all Americans will learn that we truly are beyond ethnic divisions in this singular, albeit a tad overweight, nation.

5 Responses to "9/11 and Reactionary Judaism (4 of 4): Whither America?"

Very compelling evidence. And I share your hope that when this story breaks, it will help Americans to finally realize the dream of Howard Beale from the 1976 must-see “Network,” and to scream at the corporate media “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!”

As a Jew, I don’t have any issue with this information as being anti-semitic… I do, however, think that plenty of evidence exists that points some fingers at American Government and general G-8 foreknowledge and complicity in the attacks themselves as well, and that might make the conclusion that certain and specific groups of people (in this case, Jewish people) had an agenda of their own in the 9/11 attacks more difficult to swallow…

Thanks Andy. Yeah, I agree that some folks in the American Government — probably certain Israeli citizens positioned highly within the Administration and Defense Department — probably had fore-knowledge. I just don’t think Messrs. Bush or Cheney had foreknowledge. I say that for purely human reasons. Since 9/11, the former has consistently presented the image of a bold, confident, decisive, cowboy; the latter of a controlling mastermind behind the scenes. But if one looks at their undisputed actions on the day of 9/11, both acted as they really are: Bush, as the addled-brain, dynasty heir, frat-boy that he is; Cheney as the coward that he is. I tend to believe that if either had had foreknowledge, he would have acted consistent with his preferred image, not with his unattractive true nature.

Another way to say my view is that I suspect Israel was ahead of the ball on 9/11; while the “American Empire” was a “fast follower”. The interest of the first is, pure and simple, survival; that of the latter concerns worldwide hegemony. The key resource that keeps the American Empire humming is oil. So when one looks at the otherwise non sequitur Iraq War, one finds a crossroads of the paramount Israeli interest, and the core American Empire interest.

One place those two interests have diverged concerns Saudi Arabia. Saudis are sworn enemies of Israel; but as of 9/10/2001, the Saudis were among the closest allies of America, and in particular, of the Bush family. I suspect that one reason Israel failed to warn America about 9/11 was that they knew that most of the hijackers were Saudi, thus this event would surely serve as stinky fart for the previously cozy Saudi/Bush/American Empire relationship.

We agree that those in the public eye in the American Gov’t (Bush, Cheney, etc) were not “in the know.” In many respects, the 9/11 tragedy was a business transaction… A SERIOUS amount of currency and gold changed hands that day… I think Governments had a part to play in that they are among the world’s largest corporations. Those who old public offices are generally not decision makers, but PR liasons.

It’s interesting that the Mossad/Israel involvement has been made so transparent by this research that you have linked to. But I’m not so sure that the mid-east politics angle to the 9/11 tragedy is much more than a part of the PR show. Despite what the Extremist-Muslim-Terrorist conspiracy theorists in the mass-media have dreamed up, those who planned and oversaw the operation did not do so as representatives of any one nation or religion. Think of them as corporate people…

Thanks for the comment Andy. (Sorry I took so long to approve it — I just noticed it). I guess I just see 9/11 as a “perfect storm” that intersected the interests of multinational corporations (a.k.a. the “U.S Empire”), Israel, and Muslim fundamentalist extremism. On 9/11, I don’t see these three forces as mutually exclusive at all. The first is and was interested primarily in money; the second primarily in survival; the third primarily in being seen as the defender of 1/6 of the world’s population. All of those three interests were well served by the events of 9/11. Each of the three has enjoyed plenty of mileage using 9/11 as a “calling card” or “talisman”. I don’t think it serves the truth to ignore or dismiss any of the three parties. I guess I write about Israel here because the respective roles of two of the parties — Muslim extremists and U.S. corporations — has been over-represented in the dialogue. Conventional media focuses exclusively on the first; much of the so-called “conspiracy” crowd focuses almost solely on the latter. Few seem to be discussing Isreael’s role as “facilitator”.

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