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Waking up Quietly

Posted on: July 20, 2007

Back in August of 2005, I received the first ever email from a person who used the “Email Me” link at the bottom of the page. The mail was from a fellow named Matt S. Actually, I know Matt’s full name from his emails to me. But since he has never submitted a public comment to this site, and since Googling his name fails to pop up a blog of his, I figured I’ll leave it to him to publicly declare himself.

But via email, we had an interesting exchange. Actually, these mails were mostly about Matt expressing his ideas. Very interesting ones at that. In one of his emails in particular, he painted a possible scenario through which Peak Oil could lead to People vs. Corporations. I found Matt’s analysis sound and highly interesting. But it was private analysis. Perhaps Matt has painted his picture as a commenter on other sites. I don’t know.

Anyway, the reason I thought again of Matt is that I was checking the site logs for Duck and Gather. I do this now and then in between working on my website

Checking my Duck and Gather site stats has been a discouraging exercise for me over the past year because in looking at the links that were followed to my site, the vast majority are spam links that have been followed 1 or 2 times. But within that forest of spam are clicked links from legitimate sites, like the blogs of Tom Brown, Sean LeBlanc, and And I, to which I link on the left nav bar of my site.

Well, so far this month, there have been over 100 clicks on a link to my site from a posting on a blog called “Of Two Minds”, by a fellow named Charles Hugh Smith.

The apparent reason Mr. Smith linked to my site (specifically, to my “Fourth Turning predicts People vs. Corporations” stuff) is that Matt S contacted Mr. Smith and mentioned my site in his own comments. So Mr. Smith put Matt S’s interesting comment in the text of his blog posting — including the link to my site. That seems to be the link people are clicking.

Evidently, Mr. Smith has many readers. Because not only do my site stats show those > 100 link clicks (and growing), but there are other indicators too: more saving of my site to “Favorites”, more Googling of “peter savich”, lots of searches for some permutation of “the people vs. the corporations” (Matt S’s phrase), etc.

Of course, none of these people are commenting on my site. Pretty much the only comments this site has received over the last 6 months or so have been spam (e.g. “Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! tfddancyyoa”).

But though quiet, these silent visitors, like Matt S, seem to be quietly waking up to the issues discussed within this site, and within many others, like that of Mr. Smith and Jim Kunstler’s “Clusterfuck Nation”.

For every blowhard like Mr. Smith, Mr. Kunstler, and yours truly, there seem to be a great many more like-minded folk who, for one reason or another, don’t feel the urge to share their thoughts. Still, they harbor them.

By the way, I’m not criticizing you for not commenting or emailing, or blogging yourself. I know that the main reason I blog is because my friends and colleagues either don’t want to hear these thoughts of mine, or want to hear only the “elevator pitch” version. Most other people faced with this lack of interest would just move on to other socially palatable topics.

But people like myself and the aforementioned authors seem to be suffering from a form of arrested development. We can’t stand not speaking, and hate speaking to a wall. So, instead, we feel compelled to speak to the world through our blogs.

Maybe that just describes me. But I suspect at least Kunstler is similar.

2 Responses to "Waking up Quietly"

I think your people vs corp thesis is not only possible but probable.

Great Fourth turning analysis you have done here.That book is the Rosetta stone of peering into the future.

The peak oil blog on the net was started by a guy named Matt Saviner.Could this be the fellow you spoke with?

Try……… or


Thanks Beau. No, that wasn’t the Matt S I’ve emailed with. Thanks for the links. BTW — So nice to get a non-spam comment for a change.

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