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Mass Murder and Patterns: Part 3

Posted on: April 17, 2007

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Let’s get a little more specific on what we’re talking about here. Check out Wikipedia’s page on “mass murder.” What I’m talking about are incidents with the following characteristics:

  1. The perpetrator murders at least four people in one day
  2. The perpetrator ends his day by intentionally killing himself
  3. Chief among the perpetator’s motives is perceived revenge
  4. The perpetator chooses his victims indiscriminately — ie. to the perpeptator, the victims are mere instantiations of the sort of people against whom he seeks revenge.
  5. Afterword, the perpetrator is revealed to have planned out his crime before-hand

Now, with that definition in mind, go to the part of that Wikipedia page that lists examples of mass murderers. The page does not mention the criterion used for inclusion on this list. I presume the unstated criterion is: “How disturbing was the incident?”. If so, then this is an excellent list to study.

With the above definition in mind, identify such incidents perpetrated within America. According to my count and this list, America experienced this sort of mass murder 11 times since 1857. Specifically, in the following years:

1927 (Kehoe), 1966 (Whitman), 1986 (Sherrill), 1991 (Hennard), 1998 (Beck), 1999 (Furrow), 1999 (Harris and Klebold), 2005 (Weise), 2006 (Huff), 2006 (Roberts), and 2007 (Cho).

Except for the Whitman murders, all of these incidents occurred during an “Unraveling” phase of American history, according to Strauss & Howe’s Fourth Turning theory. Indeed, 8 of the 11 occurred during the tail end of these phases, when the country was really unraveling, just before the crisis phase.

So if, as I am, you’re inclined to see Mr. Cho as the third horseman of the coming apocalypse (joining 9/11 and Katrina), you have some history to back you up.

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