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Out of Hibernation and Back Into the Light

Posted on: March 8, 2007

My last blog posting was on January 29. That was 38 days ago. In those 38 days, I went from reading the first few chapters of a book (Agile Web Development With Rails), to having a deployed and running website that includes multiple data entry forms, rich text editing, AJAX-supported rating and commenting, searching and sorting of databases, and an online feedback system.

I’d like to claim that my personal brilliance explains all this. However, I must confess Ruby on Rails. What a system!

Thanks to Tom Brown of Here’s Tom With the Weather for turning me in that direction.

Well, we have our first couple of pre-alpha users on the site. And my life is getting back to some kind of normalcy. I might even have time for the odd blog posting, and even a minute to upload the bunch of podcasts I did over the past couple of months.

I would send you the URL of my new site except for two things:

  1. Ain’t nothing to see yet. We have the site behind a password screen until things are blowing up more predictably, and there’s actually a useful home page.
  2. This blog is being inundated by spammers. I even shut off commenting and they still come. Like the undead in one of those cheezy B horror movies. Haven’t had time to figure out how they’re defeating Askimet.

5 Responses to "Out of Hibernation and Back Into the Light"

Hi Pete! It’s Abby, Randy Norris’s daughter. I did a search on Google of you for no particular reason, and found, and realized it was you! =P How weird! How’s Rose????

Wow. Abby surfing the Internet! Verl cool.

Hey, Peter, have you considered putting your book on Personality and the Brain up on I only ask since I’m not really good at reading stuff online, and that’s quite the print-out. In the past case, I’ve used kinko’s online services to print out and bind one such book (and taking the cheapest route, it still cost a lot and had cheesy plastic spiral binding), but recently, I gave a go when I found an out-of-print book on Lisp was available on there. They print it on-demand (though the person putting it up had not offered it in a hardback version, the softcover was still nicely done when it came in the mail) and ship it.

I think if the content is under CC, people could probably do one-off printings, but you might want to put it on there and get something out of it, even if only to be able to have a copy of your own work in a “real” form. I’ve written a bit about my experience on on my site, but I don’t want to put the link here and set off the spamvertising sensors. You commented about finding a publisher – that might be your no-hassle ticket.

Great idea Sean. I’ll ping my colleague Eric about the idea. I’ve been so busy working on my website I haven’t devoted time to this book and follow up work. But Eric has showed me that the time is now to move on it. Thanks again.

And great to hear from you.

Haha, I’ve been surfing for awhile… we were doing a search of people in our family
or friends in computers, and I tried every single name I know and not a single thing popped
up… but I tried yours, and there were so many pictures and bios and your website!!! Nice
beard during basketball, by the way. 🙂 😛

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