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Posted on: December 11, 2006

I just uploaded a backlog of podcasts. Been awhile. But here they are:

  • (107) My 2006 Greece Trip. Back after two weeks in Greece. Same story about the amazing food there. Some notes on body odor and Serbia. Also picked olives with my dad, had them pressed, and brought back the olive oil. Mmm mmm.
  • (108) You Know You Are in a Fat Country When … . My experiment making bread — weird results. Also, NYT Magazine article says that Fat Studies are starting to be taught in universities from every perspective but health. Only in America.
  • (109) Predictions Update for 2006. Two years after I issued these obscure 8 predictions, 5 of them are looking even money or better to come true.
  • (110) The Countercorp Film Festival. A sparsely attended film festival in San Francisco with compelling People vs. Corporations-themed movies. Every movie I saw featured a hot, direct battle between people and corporations, unlike my own cool, passive battle to become self-reliant.

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coincidentally, on my short blog roll is Thomas Greco’s Beyond Money blog. On his other blog (News and Views), he just linked to an interesting explanation of what happened to bread:


Thanks for the link Tom. Here’s the Greco posting that I think you’re referring to:

Yep, ya gotta love the Internet. We get natural doctors to tell us about the dangers of bread. And we get socially retarded people like myself and Mr. Greco who find our own flatulence far more theoretically interesting than socially embarassing or even funny.

today, i met the founder of the unemployed democrats at their coffee shop in austin. directly across the street is the headquarters of Alex Jones. coincidentally, i learned that there has been some surprising synergy between the two. at least on that street, your prediction of “far left meeting far right” seems to be coming true.

Very interesting. Thanks for the links and the info. If this synergy is a broader phenomenon consistent with my prediction, I’m wondering how it will be expressed politically? ie. a new party, or a transformed Democratic Party?

I just did a podcast on how Obama’s personality type and age upon (prospective) inauguration parallels the personality types and ages of Franklin Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, and George Washington (age at assuming commander-in-chief role, in his case). I’ll upload this one in the next day or so.

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