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Before I finish up with the “American Turnings and Music” series, I thought I’d do a quick entry on Barack Obama. This fellow has been getting so much frothing sycophantic attention from the media as the possible (probable?) next President that I figured I should comment.

Well, my first instincts were highly suspicious. After reading much about him, I’m still suspicious, but also a bit intrigued.

I’m suspicious that he’s a garden variety ego-maniac like just about everyone whose name I know and hear repeatedly but who I haven’t met. Particularly one who wants to be King.

Those thoughts didn’t change after reading about him. But what did change is my initial assumption that he will turn out to be just another useless politician. I’ve reversed field on that. I now suspect he may turn out to be useful after all.

Personality-type wise, he seems to be an obvious Seven. “Charismatic”, “beloved by all”, “non-confrontational, non-belligerent” … all point to the Seven. But what sealed the deal was reading that his political career got going early on when “mentor” politicians credited him for their own legislation. That he accepted credit that he didn’t deserve points to the Seven in him. So he’s no enlightened fellow.

However, Sevens, unlike Threes (like Bill Clinton and Arnold), actually hold solid beliefs. They’re not mere chameleons who listen to polls to tell them which way they should come out on the issues. Instead, they harbor a deep suspicion that they are the Messiah and that they alone know the Truth.

So then, the key question about Obama is: What does he believe? Among all the quotes of his that I’ve read, the following jumped out:

“If you make political discourse sufficiently negative, more people will become cynical and stop paying attention. That leaves more space for special interests to pursue their agendas, and that’s how we end up with drug companies making drug policy, energy companies making energy policy, and multinationals making trade policy.” (emphasis added)

He clearly seems to “get” that the corporations write the very laws that govern them. Not just in one industry, but in all.

Now, I disagree with the simple cause he gives for this effect — namely, negative political discourse leading to voter apathy leading to Corporate control. The problem, I believe, is much deeper and enduring than that. But maybe Obama knows that, but is practiced at giving out quick sound bites that hit home even if they’re simplified.

Anyway this is a long way to say that Obama may prove to be the vehicle through which my Prediction #1 (“Democrat Demise”) comes to pass. You may recall that that prediction reads as follows:

The Democratic Party will either go the way of the Whigs, or undergo a profound metamorphosis whereby the current leadership of the party (DNC, the Clintons, U.S. Senators, etc.) is replaced with anti-Corporate leadership.

Obama could end up personifying the latter part of that prediction (i.e. an anti-Corporate metamorphosis).

Time will tell. But it’s food for thought.

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