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Democrat Triumph?

Posted on: November 8, 2006

With the Democrats taking back the House last night, and achieving at least parity in the Senate, it would appear my Democrat demise prediction seems even more far-fetched this morning. Certainly, the implosion dynamic I described a few postings ago in the wake of a Democrat washout last night ain’t gonna happen now. So maybe I should just eat crow this morning, and concede this prediction as faulty.

Not so quick, my friend. Here’s my reasoning: The elections yesterday suggest to me that America has finally caught up to where my head was at about the Republican Party back in 2002. Back then, I started realizing that there was something historically disasterous about Mr. Bush’s administration. Those realizations led directly to this blog. Four years later, it would seem the country more or less agrees with me — at least on that party.

Now what about the Democrats? I’d say Americans are still behind the curve on that party. As I’ve repeated ad nauseum, the Democrats have no over-arching purpose or mission in life. They are aimless and rootless. Hence, they are now about the only thing a political party holds onto from generation to generation: the quest for power.

When the Democrats assume majorities in the House and Senate come January, the national spotlight will shine brightly on them. And in that bright light, I’m suspecting that that party will wilt. The Iraq War is just one quiver of this arrow. But even on that single issue, one can see that vast, opposite camps within the Democratic Party on views about that war. With Congressional majorities, Democrats will now have the power to initiate legislation and conduct invesgations. In other words, to say what they believe.

Let’s see what happens when Pelosi and Emanuel and those folks try to find the elusive fictional middle road in this country. Let’s see what happens with all of the people who will now be chasing the Democratric presidential nomination. I’ll say that Americans will finally see clearly that the Democrats believe nothing other than that they ought to be in power. And when America sees that, the fun begins.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years.

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