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I’m almost out of disk space on my site, so I’ve gone ahead and deleted podcasts 001-052 which had been available from the following XML file: That file is still on this site so you should be able to see the desciptions of these deleted podcasts. If you’d like to listen to any, please leave a comment here, or send me an email. Sorry about this.

With unique users on this site well on the way to crossing the 1000 barrier this month (for the first time), I figured this was a good time to clear up some stuff. In the previous posting, I mention that a couple of engineer friends of mine recently questioned my sanity concerning my take on 9/11. I figured that if they thought that, a good number of you do too.

You may all be correct on that score. But I didn’t want to leave you with misconceptions. One that I could see arising concerns my position and beliefs about Corporations. With a tag-line that starts “People vs.Corporations…”, one might conclude that I’m a “bomb throwing anti-corporate activist”.

I may be crazy, but I’m definitely not that crazy. Although I do believe that the greatest current threat to the security and prosperity of America concerns certain Corporations and Industries, I don’t believe that all Corporations are evil.

First, I don’t even believe in good vs. evil. As I have podcasted more than a few times, I believe instead in (attraction, aversion) vs. (love, wisdom). To see what that means, check out my podcasts on this point. (If I wasn’t so lazy I’d give you the links — well, if you’re interested, just leave a commont or otherwise ping me, and I’ll look for the links.)

Second, I have a more nuanced view of Corporations. Basically, I see Corporations like boa constrictors or pythons. When such snakes hatch out of their eggs, they are really cute little guys. And while they remain baby snakes, they’re really fun to have around.

But when they’ve reached full maturity, and have become massive and immensely powerful, they are now dangerous. Your nice little baby python that you once played with can now wrap itself around your neck and with one little squeeeze, you are toast.

I think Corporations are similar. So for example, I can find no evil or excessive aversion or attachment in any of the Internet companies. The oldest ones are only 10 years old. Ten years in the life span of a Corporation is nothing. The Internet companies are still babies — all fun and play and spit-ups.

But give these tykes another 50 years or so, and I predict that cute and fuzzy Yahoo, Google, EBay, and Amazon, if they are still around in 2056, will have become dangerous adult pythons.

Similarly, looking around at the Corporations and Industries that are 50-years-old or older today, we come to Big Food, Big Pharm, Big Media, what Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex, and so on. My blog and podcast has looked closely at these Industries and has argued that today, in 2006 America, reasoned arguments hold that these Industries seem to cause more harm than good. Again, root through my podcasts more for detail.

Clear as mud?

A couple of good friends of mine are engineers. They assure me that believing that any of the WTC buildings collapsed due to controlled demolition is a sure sign of early-onset dementia. The problem with this diagnosis of me is that if correct, I would have no way of knowing that because, by definition, I’d be demented. Demented people don’t know they’re demented. So this is where I need your help.

Here are the two pieces of data that, collectively, “pushed me over the edge” on WTC Building 7:

1. Complete 911 Timeline (a collection of summaries of a collection of news stories)
2. 911 Eyewitness (a 1:44:40 long video)

What Complete Timeline represents for me is persuasive evidence that more than a few people had prior knowledge of the events of 9/11, ranging from pretty good knowledge to down right specific knowledge. In particular, on that site, I looked at the Warning Signs page, and the Insider Trading page.

Those pages shook me out of my certainty that all of the 9/11 “conspiracy theories” were false. After reading those pages, I now had doubt. “If more than a few people had prior knowledge of 9/11,” I thought, “it stands to reason that at least some of those people took prior steps to take advantage of it.” But what steps and who?

In this state of unsettling doubt that had replaced my prior certainty, I watched the 911 Eyewitness video. I’ve now watched it twice. I’m trying to think up how this video is false concerning its analysis of the collapse of WTC Building 7. I confess that, barring “doctoring” of the video data, I can’t see why or how this analysis about Building 7 is false.

The trouble with that is that if one believes that 911 Eyewitness‘ simple analysis of the collapse of WTC Building 7 is correct, logic gives one a swift kick in the rear, knocking one over the line, and into the abyss of the conspiracy madness.

So here’s the help I’m looking for. I’m not looking for anyone to argue that the analysis of 911 Eyewitness on Building 7 is correct. Hell, I already think that.

Instead, I’m looking for someone to explain to me why that analysis is incorrect or false or misleading. In other words, I’m looking for someone to “debunk” that analysis. I couldn’t find such a debunking page on the Internet. Maybe one of you could be the first.

UPDATE: I’ve come across some pages that purport to “debunk” 911 Eyewitness:

  1. Rick Siegel’s 9-11 Eyewitness: Sensationalism and Pseudo-Science
  2. 9-11 Eyewitness Review Part 1 and Moron 9-11 Eyewitness
  3. “9/11 Eyewitness” is Probably Disinformation

I’ve ranked these pages in decreasing order of what I found useful. Collectively, they do seem to provide some “reasonable doubt” about many of the arguments raised in 911 Eyewitness.

The problem, however, is that not a single one of these pages addresses what concerns me most about that video. Namely: the video’s analysis regarding the speed of collapse of WTC Building 7.

I suppose this is my remaining small question: Can one of you do me a favor and debunk the analysis of 911 Eyewitness concerning the speed of WTC 7’s collapse (found at 1:12:47 to 1:17:32 of the video)? Thanks.

Surely there exists a serviceable middle road in this country, no? I’m still reading various opinions on what 9/11 was all about, and I seem able only to find zero-sum, extremist positions. Basically, in this nation, there seem to be only three possibilities about 9/11:

1. Neocon View: Bin Laden and Islamofascism (and maybe Iraq) were 100% responsible for 9/11 (this Bush administration position has been swallowed whole by most Americans, including the Left, see, e.g., opinion in the SF Chronicle, opinion in The Progressive, etc.)

2. Goverment Paranoia: 9/11 was a neocon plot/CIA black op, and Bin Laden is just a patsy boogeyman (see, e.g., “Loose Change” video).

3. Anti-Jewish View: Zionists were 100% responsible for 9/11, and Bin Laden is just a Mossad illusion (see, e.g., the anonymous screed “Stranger Than Fiction”).

Now I get why #1 is a common view within America. After all, we humans are social creatures, and the gravitational pull toward lining up with dominant, common beliefs is strong in any culture, not merely America.

But I don’t get why once a person leaves the #1 story, he/she necessarily seems to land on #2 or #3.

Is it just because I’m from Canada that I can envision a more complex story — ie. one that is a nuanced combination of, more or less, each of #1, #2, and #3 (see., e.g., 9/11: OK, I’m Finally Sold)?

If you are fat, is it because of what you eat? Or how much you eat? Or how much or little you exercise? Or how much or little you sleep? Or whether you have the “thrify” gene? Or because you harbor microbes that make you fat?

I’ve read articles arguing each of these things. What ever happened to answers like: “some or all of the above”?

When Americans take mutiple choice tests in high school, do any choose the “some or all of the above” choice? Or maybe American tests don’t even have that choice because Americans are simply incapable of comprehending multiple, nuanced causation. Please fill me in. I didn’t go to high school or college here. Is the country really this simple and extreme?

According my website stats, unique vistors to this site are on a pace to well exceed 1000 this month — blowing away the previous high. Yet only AndI, Sean, and Tom consistently comment. Are the other 997 of you just spammers? If not, hit the frickin comment link already. 🙂 You don’t need to sign in or anything.

To this point in this blog/podcast series, I’ve been pretty much satisfied just to get these thoughts off my chest. But now that I’ve waded into this 9/11 morass, I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts than in speaking mine.

As I said in the last entry, once you cross the line, and face the inescapable conclusion that WTC 7 collapsed due to controlled demolition, life on the other side of this line becomes disorienting. In some ways, I feel that those of us who have crossed this line are like the European adventurers from the 1400s who sailed West looking for India, not being quite sure they wouldn’t fall off the edge of the flat Earth.

With 9/11, Government, Media, Courts, and Academia are the terra firma upon which all of us have spent our lives. Life outside of them might seem like sailing into a vast sea toward the unknown. How can I say that? Here’s my proof:

Check out This site describes itself “[a]s the leading portal of the September 11th research community and truth movement.” On their masthead, they have one of those “money-raised” thermometers, as if they were the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Check out their overview and mission statement. These people are focused squarely on the legacy Government, Media, Courts, and Academia. In other words, like children, they seem to need these legacy institutions to validate the “truth” they seek. Like these legacy institutions, they seem to equate truth with money.

I say it’s time for a clean break. I say that the legacy institutions of Government, Media, Courts, and Academia are so polluted and poisoned by the fetishism of money that it is an exercise in futility to seek the truth about 9/11 from them. This is because of my emerging belief that, aside from “true believer” fanatics like Bin Laden and his hijackers, most every other supporting actor on the events of 9/11 had money as a root motivation. In other words, the final truths about 9/11 beyond Bin Laden will be found by following that same old, tired road. Namely: “Follow the money”.

I say 9/11 is the first occasion for which the following holds true:

1. It is relevant to every single one of us People (unlike, say, Superbowl XL*, Kelo, or Katrina)
2. The legacy Head was, is, and will be of no help to us People.

Accordingly, I’d say the goals of us People ought NOT to be any of the following:

1. Seek a legitimate Governmental inquiry into 9/11.

2. Seek front page treatment from the Head Media (e.g. the NYT) on 9/11.

3. Seek redress from the Courts on 9/11.

4. Seek validation from Head Academia on 9/11.

I say instead, that amongst us People, there is more than enough wisdom for self governance, for the discovery and sharing of truth, and for resolving disputes. Moreover, with this Internet, we have our New World.

Until now, I had always looked at MMORPGs as evidence of social pathology in the sedentary, anonymous, post-industrial age. In other words, this age of inhumanity spits out lost and disoriented People at an alarming rate. A good number of them seemed to have found more preferable lives in the illusory worlds of MMORPGs.

Now, I’ve flipped 180 degrees. This world in which we are living — the one run by legacy Government, Media, Courts, and Academia — is the illusory one. It’s time we People headed back into the garage to practice our science, gathered and shared the news amongst ourselves, and met in the agora to learn, teach, and resolve disputes.

Somebody, please! Create an MMORPG for 9/11. We could have sane, functional, and responsible net-Government, net-Media, net-Courts, and net-Academia.

Maybe somebody is already doing that. It’s just becoming painful for me to watch the “9/11 truth movement” continue to bang its head on the rocks of the calcified legacy institutions.


I thought I was done with 9/11 three days ago. Then I thought I was done with it yesterday. All that reading. All those podcasts. Yet it’s past my bedtime again, and 9/11 is still bugging the hell out of me …

Once my head crossed the line into believeing that WTC 7 fell due to controlled demolition, the road on the other side of that line just keeps getting longer with no apparent end.

I still feel positive that Bin Laden and his followers were the primary perpetrators of 9/11. I still feel fairly confident that most of the Bush administration — including Bush, Rice, Powell, maybe Rumsfeld — were merely negligent about 9/11.

But I’m starting to think that more and more people knew 9/11 was coming, and took steps to make sure they profited from it. Larry Sliverstein is starting to seem like just the small tip of an iceberg in this category.

Worse of all, I’m starting to suspect that one common trait among many, if not most, of the folks who knew 9/11 was coming, and who took steps to ensure their advantage, is that they count themselves as members of the Jewish Diaspora and/or Israel.

Great. 43 years into a life lived more or less free of “isms”, I’m finding I now see more truth in what neo-nazis are saying about 9/11 than I do in what our Goverment and Corporate Media say. Argh!

Well, if Israel and Jewish Americans turn out to be central “supporting players” on 9/11 (ie. playing Bin Laden like a fiddle), the one thing I am confident of is that America will behave much better than did Europe in the 1940s.

As you can see, I’ve added a tag called “9/11”. I retract what I said in my Fourth Turning piece from 2003. There I said that I didn’t think 9/11 would serve as the Fourth Turning event that shifted us into the coming Crisis. The reason I said that is that I didn’t believe that the ensuing “War on Terror” would define the crisis. I still don’t believe that.

But now I’m thinking that 9/11 is the Fourth Turning for a different reason. That reason concerns 9/11 “conspiracy theories”. Two years ago, I saw that what Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex” had both created the conditions that led Bin Laden to perpetrate 9/11, and had profited from it afterward.

But what I’m starting to suspect now is that at least some Corporations, and some folks in the government, “rigged” 9/11 to make sure that once Bin Laden struck, the day would play out in such a way as to lock in their advantages.

Despite the efforts of Government and Corporate Media to keep the lid on this, and maybe in part because of those efforts, the buzz among People who are smelling a rat over 9/11 is ever growing. I’m starting to think that 9/11 will turn out after all to be the match that lit the fire to People vs. Corporations.

Thanks to AndI and Sean for pushing my gaze to 9/11. I finally see it. It was right there all along.

Four podcasts into analyzing 9/11, and I still had some niggling doubts. Being an 8, I can’t stand living in ambiguity and confusion. So I watched yet another 9/11 video: 9/11 Eyewitness. That one finally got through to me. I now believe that WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed due to detonated explosives that had been placed in the towers prior to 9/11. However I still don’t believe that any Americans — in the adminstration or outside — intended to kill anyone on that day (but I do think there were some shady, unfortunate actions).

Below, I lay out where I come out on culpability concerning 9/11. Beside each “defendant”, I indicate my verdict concerning their role in connection with the events of 9/11 (ie. nothing about how they behaved afterward). Next to that is what I read as their plea in response.

1. Bin Laden and his Followers. Verdict: specific intent to mass murder; Plea: self-defense.

2. Afghani Taliban and Pakistan. Verdict: accessory to mass murder; Plea: defender of the faith.

3. Bush Administration. Verdict: gross negligence; Plea: defender of the faith.

4. CIA. Verdict: negligence; Plea: guilty as charged.

5. Foreign Intelligence Services. Verdict: Ignored friend of the US; Plea: guilty as charged.

6. Larry Silverstein. Verdict: reckless endangerment; Plea: just trying to make a buck here (wth some pangs of guilt).

7. American People. Verdict: neligent sleep; Plea: slowly waking up.

I realize this may seem obtsue. So here are a few hours of podcasts I recorded yesterday to explain all this:

(100) 9/11, My Final Take, Part I: Introduction (After watching the video called 9/11 Eyewitness, I’m finally sold that the towers collapsed due to explosives planted prior to 9/11. But where do we go from here?)

(101) 9/11, My Final Take, Part II: Jewish Culture, Diaspora versus Israel (I suspect that the personality type of the Jewish Diaspora is 7, while that of Israel is 8. This parallels the relationship between England (a 5 country) and its offspring America (an 8 country).)

(102) 9/11, My Final Take, Part III: The Trial (Here, I analyze the 9/11 roles of Bin Laden, the Pakistanis, Foresign Intelligence Services, and Larry Silverstein.)

(103) 9/11, My Final Take, Part IV: Bush and the Verdict (The trial portion concludes with defendant Bush and his government. Finally, the verdicts are entered. Now I can sleep peacefully.)

Well, this topic just gets more and more interesting the deeper I dig into it. After watching yet another video — 9/11 Press for Truth — and spending way too much time on one fascinating site — The Complete 9/11 Timeline — I’ve recorded two more podcasts on 9/11:

(98) 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Part III: Knowledge (I believe that prior to 9/11, both we American people and the Bush administration were trapped in historical interia rendering all of us deaf to the defeaning din of warnings.)

(99) 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Part IV: Responsibility (If information is all that we lack for keeping us safe and healthy, then in these days of the web, responsibility lies with us. In any case, government has shown itself as useless.)

What with this being the 5th anniversary of 9/11, and with the 9/11 conspiracy (aka 9/11 truth) voices rising, I figured this weekend was a good time to get myself up to speed on the various theories. So after reading a few web pages on the question, I watched two videos: (1) Loose Change; and (2) Perspective on 9/11. I found both videos to be highly interesting and worth watching — certainly worth blogging about.

But actually, these videos spurred too many thoughts in my head to write them all down. So, as usual, I’ve recorded some (rather lengthy — sorry!) podcasts laying out my thinking. Here they are:

(96) 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Part I: My Analysis (Here, I canvas the various flavors of the 9/11 so-called conspiracy theories, and give my two cents on what I think is true.)
(97) 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Part II: Opportunism (I suspect that the drivers of most 9/11 conspiracy theories are Enneagram 5s who cannot understand impulsive yet accurate opportunism (ie. action without thought that achieves success).)

Here are two recent podcasts:

(94) NYT Magazine is Kind of Stupid About Health (Kind of a redundant podcast, I suppose, given that I have blogged and podcasted about this stuff before. But it surprised that the NYT Magazine is just as misguided on health as the rest of America.)
(95) A Meditation on Liberty (Individual liberty: the very dynamic that is driving America over a cliff, is the same one that will drive our glorious rebirth. Yay liberty!)

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